Is Alcohol Necessarily Bad for Health?

Man has appreciated alcoholic beverages for thousands of years. This leaves us with the impression that, all in all, alcohol is somewhat without danger. We reassure ourselves by thinking “Of course, there are serious consequences from time to time, but they are reserved to those who abuse it”. The truth is this:  alcohol is one of the most common toxic agents and …one of the most popular!

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Would it be fair to say that we often favor a few moments of relaxation over vigorous and lasting health?

Alcohol is a drug that produces several short and long terms reactions in your system. It rapidly acts as a depressant on the nervous system, stimulates the appetite and increases the stomach secretions. Taken in large quantities, if affects the vital functions and damages the cells of the liver, the brain, the heart and other organs. From the behaviour point of view, it makes people who are usually calm become aggressive and causes people who are levelheaded under normal circumstances, to have regrettable behaviours.

Furthermore, alcohol is not a food, which means that it does not supply the system with any nutrients (nutritious substances): no proteins, no vitamins and no minerals. Alcohol is essentially a substance that contains a lot of calories and that causes damage. It is a negative element in the fight against cancer and is directly linked to male impotence.

Is Red Wine Good For Your Health?

It has a beneficial effect in preventing circulatory problems. This appears to be because of the antioxidant agents it contains. These antioxidant substances are found in grapes. Therefore, red wine has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, but also cause several health problems due to its alcohol content. When we drink red wine, it is not sufficient to observe its advantages. It is important to take into account the detrimental consequences of alcohol on your system. You could enjoy the benefits of red wine without suffering its detrimental effects by replacing it by red grapes, grape juice or by a supplement containing grape seeds.

General Rule

Alcohol is neither helpful nor essential to the system; it is harmful and detrimental. It is preferable to avoid any type of alcoholic beverages in order to escape all of their short and long term effects on the system.

Do We Have To Be Perfect?

You can allow yourself some occasional lapses, without feeling guilty. In essence, follow a minimum of 80% of the naturopathic advice. Allow yourself a variance of 20% if your health condition permits. A healthy lifestyle should also be pleasant.

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