Integrative Treatment of Pain and Spine

Integrative pain management is used to improve the treatment of the spine and joints without surgery. A physician will achieve this by using therapies and innovative treatments. Frisco regenerative medicine has knowledgeable and skilled experts that will help you improve your daily life. You will be provided with non-surgical treatment for back and neck pain, joint pain, and sports injuries. You could receive integrative medicine benefits by getting a proper diagnosis and treatment at your doctor’s office.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Back Pain and Spinal Conditions

There are many causes of back pain and spinal conditions, and different health specialists diagnose and treat the pain depending on the root cause. An integrative spine clinic will have different physicians treat you effectively and efficiently, as a single physician cannot treat all types of musculoskeletal conditions. Before starting any treatment, you have to consult your doctor who will refer you to a physician best for your situation. Back pain can respond better to manual treatment like chiropractic, physical therapy, or osteopathic manipulation. Sometimes medical treatment such as medications and injections are required when aligning your spine.

Importance of Integrated Back Pain Treatment

  •       High quality of care

You will get quality health care as there will be good communication between the spine specialists. They will gather different skills, therefore, giving you the best treatment. You will also get advanced diagnosis and treatment technologies and techniques from the different doctors as they have different specialties.

  •       Appropriate referrals

When you visit an integrated spine clinic, your doctor is more confident when referring you to the next doctor. However, if you do not respond to chiropractic care, you are referred to another doctor in the clinic. With this, you will be sure of seeing the best healthcare professional.

  •       Focus on the patient

When different specialists work together, they focus on you and ensure that you get the best treatment. Their main goal is coordination and cooperation in giving care to their patients. This will reduce competition between specialists of different issues.

  •       Patient convenience

It is more convenient for you as a patient as you have to go to one clinic and be provided with all the medical care you want. When you have all your records in one integrated spine clinic, it will be easier for your specialist to visit your documents and assess your progress during treatment.

Different pain treatment specialists with a large combination of spine specialists like physical therapy, pain specialists, chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, and neurosurgeons work together in integrated spine clinics and ensure you have the best services they can offer.  Having different integrative medicine specialists and therapies in one location makes it easier to find better treatment. Integrative therapies also treat psychological disorders and problems like anxiety, depression, and personality disorders.


Integrated treatment is beneficial as your specialists will help you treat your pain and spinal conditions using non-surgical methods. Good cooperation between you and your health practitioner is the core of integrative medicine. And when you are fully recovered, your doctor will help you prevent the condition from recurring. Always choose to integrate treatment as it has proven to be effective.

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