Instagram Editing 101: 5 Top Editing Tips For Stand Out Images

Are you getting feed envy?

If you want to grow your Instagram follower count or give your photos more pop, then do we have the resources for you.

There’s no need to be a professional to use Instagram editing tools; in fact, you can use all of these tools from your smartphone.

If you want your profile to have a beautiful, cohesive aesthetic, then keep on reading. Here are the top five editing tips for stand-out images on Instagram.

  1. Have the Best Lighting 

To edit a photo well, you first need the best shot possible.

If your photo is too dim, the finished product may look grainy. To ensure that you have the best light, take pictures that are in natural light. This makes your photos look softer and less edited.

If you take photos in the great outdoors, go for morning or late afternoon shots. These usually offer the best lighting. When you edit these photos, make sure not to overexposure them.

If the photo is too blown out, it can make the lighting look odd and also take away from any detail captured during the shoot.

  1. Don’t Overdo the Filters

Filters are fantastic, but sometimes they can be overdone.

The key to a great filter is to capture an aesthetic or flow to your photos if the filter is too vibrant or prominent, it can cause a distraction from the subject in the picture.

If you want to ensure that your photo is not over-filtered, try to stick with subdued filters that give your photos an enhanced look without looking too made up. Also, pro-tip, do not use filters at to their fullest intensity.

If you avoid using filters at their fullest intensity, you can experiment with exciting options and get a look that is best for your photos without looking too drastic.

  1. Use Editing Tools to Reduce Noise

There are user-friendly and simple tools to use to reduce any noise or other distractions from your photos.

For example, there are free background removal tools that allow you to remove the background of your photos if it doesn’t suit your desired look. Additionally, some apps can blur out or delete other features of pictures that are undesirable.

The best way to have a great photo is to streamline the picture and optimize it to look how you want. With these tools, you can achieve that perfect shot.

  1. Have a Cohesive Feed

If you want to up your Instagram game, an excellent way to get started is to have a cohesive feed. If you follow influencers, you can see that their feeds have similar feels or tones.

You can accomplish this by using similar presets or filters; that way, no matter what your shot is, it can fit into your desired aesthetic.

  1. Don’t Try Too Hard

The key to stand-out photos is not to overthink it.

Of course, there are tips to help your photos look their best, but it is up to you to find what speaks to you and what you want to capture. From there, these editing tools can be a resource to up your feed and make your photos look their best.

The Best Tips for Instagram Editing 

With these five tips and tricks, you will acquire pro Instagram editing skills. All you need now is get followed! It is important to have many followers so if you want to grow this number faster, try Nitreo.

Enhance your feed by finding your aesthetic, using the right tools, and having fun capturing the moments you want to share.

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