Indoor games list for children

Weekends, holidays, rainy days … sometimes we do not feel like it, or we cannot leave the house, and we have to squeeze our imagination to entertain our children. We give you ideas for all tastes. Used to play games on PC or TV? Football, soccer, strategy, fighting games were played all day with kids on high quality kids fighting games monitors but there are many other games than can be played away from screens.

These are some ideas of games in the company for children to keep them entertained without leaving home:

Hot or cold

It hides an object that the child has to find. Logically it has to be somewhere that is accessible, not in the bottom of the wardrobe of two meters and a half high. You are given clues, saying hot when you approach the place where the “treasure” is hidden, that you burn yourself if you almost have it, or cold and icy when you get too far away.

What touch do you have?

In an opaque bag several objects are put: a cover, cotton, a key, a straw, a button, a candy, a piece of plasticize, an egg (cooked to avoid accidents), a spool of thread, a sponge, a stone , a tissue, an apple, a dry leaf, a garlic , a ring … The participants put their hands in turns, touch one of the objects and have to guess what it is. Whoever gets it, must take out the object and choose the next one.

Invent stories

It is about telling a story invented among all. Each participant adds anecdotes or new characters until the outcome. Someone can be responsible for writing the story, and at the end, you can discuss changes or change the end if there is a better proposal. Another way of doing this is for one of the players to invent a complete but brief story, and the others, in turn, to add details and more elaborate descriptions of the events and scenarios where the story takes place.


One of the players has to hum a song (but not miss a letter), and others must guess what it is. They have to be favorite songs, and if the children are older, they can be asked to identify also the singer or group that plays that song.

Nerf War

Nerf wars can provide fun for many occasions, such as a birthday child’s party, or an adult, a day at the park, or even just a summer rally. Nerf wars are also a safer alternative to other war games, like paintball, as nerf darts are soft foam that has little potential to hurt. Nerf lovers always search for the best nerf gun ever to win the nerf war that is organized on various occasions.

The game of the movies

For movie fans. Two teams are made. One of them thinks of a film (child or youth, depending on the age of the children) and tells it to the ear of one of the opposing team, who must get his classmates to guess him by representing some scene or the words that make up the title by a mime. Before starting, the teams can agree on whether or not to allow sounds to facilitate the game.

Guess the animal or character

One of the players thinks of an animal, a historical or fictional character (or even a family member), and others have to try to guess by asking questions to limit the possibilities. Win whoever guesses before, but if the children are older, you can introduce rules that complicate a bit like setting a maximum of questions per player, for example.

Sink the float

We only need a graph paper and a pen per person. Two large squares are drawn on each sheet, and the squares of one of the vertical lines are numbered, while in the upper horizontal one letter of the alphabet is placed for each square. Within one of the squares, each participant places the same number of “boats,” which consist of rectangles of various sizes randomly distributed. There are usually four boats formed by a small square, three of two, two of three, and one of four. The other square will be used to record the actions of war, consigning each “shot” made to locate the opponent’s ships. To “shoot” the boats, the alphanumeric coordinates are used, for example, b-6, and in case of hitting, the opponent communicates with a “hit” by crossing the affected square, or “sunken” when, after several shots, the boat is completely crossed out. If the attacker does not hit, it says “water,” and he takes it into account so as not to repeat the coordinate.

Hangman game

A player thinks a phrase, saying, the title of a story or a movie, but, when moving it to paper, he writes only one consonant (as many times as it appears in the chosen text) and the rest of the letters are represented by horizontal lines. On the same sheet, a gallows is drawn with a vertical and a horizontal stick (like an inverted L). The other player must go saying letters to complete the text and, each time he says a letter that does not appear in it, a part of the hangman is drawn on the gallows (first the head, then the neck, the trunk, the arms and the legs). If you can not guess what it is before you finish the body of the hanged man, you will have lost the game.

Are you an observer?

The members of the game stay in a room, preferably seated so that they are more comfortable. One of them comes out and changes something of its appearance (it can be a garment of more or less, makeup, an accessory, hair …). When he returns, the others have to find out what has changed. It may be more fun to make a little complicated, and the player is leaving the room to make changes in a bedroom, in the kitchen, or in the living room of the house, and ask others to remove the detective inside and discover them.


Like the one of a lifetime. One hides, and the others look for him. The bigger the house and the more nooks and crannies it has the more fun, but if the children are very small, it is better to find them soon because otherwise they may get bored or scared.

The English hiding place

A variant of the previous one if we have a room or a long corridor, which is fun for the little ones. The one that the “league” turns its back on the others (which must be placed at the end of the room or the corridor), facing a wall, and says (very quickly): “one, two and three, to the English hideaway.” While speaking, the other participants should approach him, in short steps, but when the “league” finishes speaking and comes back, the others must remain immobile. If you catch someone doing the slightest movement, he must go back two steps. The one who arrives before the wall wins.

I see I see

It is played in turns. A player chooses an object that he has in view and tells the others by which letter he begins (“I see, I see,” “what do you see?”, “I see a little thing,” “why the little letter?”) Starts with the c “). It is about finding out what is in the least number of attempts possible.

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