Improving Your Diet It’s Very Simple

If you want to improve your diet quickly, you just have to apply the following simple advice and you will already have taken a giant step towards healthy eating habits! To do this, replace the foods in the left side with those in the right side.

diet plate

  • Regular canned soup-with homemade soup with the fat skimmed off and made of fresh vegetables.
  • Canned vegetables-with seasonal vegetables, fresh and raw.
  • Fruit drinks-with sugar-free juices, or fresh juices prepared with a juice extractor.
  • Preserved fruits-with fresh seasonal fruits.
  • Regular dried fruits-with organic dried fruits, non-sulphured or chemically treated in any way.
  • Roasted salted nuts-with raw unsalted nuts.
  • Regular white or brown bread-with bread made of stone ground whole grain flour (unrefined).
  • Commercial cereal-with whole grain cereal (unrefined), unsweetened and with no preservatives added.
  • Regular flour and pasta-with whole grain flour and pasta(unrefined).
  • Regular cakes, cookies, pies-with organic pastries made of whole grain flour and unrefined sugar.
  • Regular white and brown sugar-with Demerara sugar, Turbinado sugar.
  • Regular preserves and molasses-with sugar-free preserves with no added preservatives.
  • Regular pasteurized honey-with unpasteurized honey made by healthy bees fed with their own honey.
  • Regular margarine-with soy or canola non-hydrogenated margarine.
  • Regular oils-with natural oils from first cold pressing, non-hydrogenated, with no preservatives added, 100% pure and free of colouring.
  • Regular mayonnaise-with mayonnaise with no preservatives or sugar.
  • Regular cheese-with low-fat cheese, cheese made with unpasteurized milk or oat’s cheese.
  • Regular yoghurt-with low-fat, sugar-free yoghurt.
  • Regular tea and coffee-with healthy herbal teas.
  • Regular salt-with sea salt or vegetable salt.

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