Improving Dental Health as Part of Holistic Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted massive damages on many individuals across the globe. Healthcare overcapacity amidst high transmission risk remains the biggest challenge. So, we tend to delay dental visits for fear of getting infected. But, we often fail to realize that dental health is an integral part of holistic health care.

Problems persist and worsen the longer we lock ourselves at home. Tooth cavity, chipped teeth, and gum pain are simple yet pesky problems we try to endure. Worse, our health may already be at risk without us even knowing it. This article will discuss some tips for improving dental healthcare amidst the pandemic.

Drink Fluoridated Water

The majority of health and dental organizations around the world recommend water fluoridation. Adding fluoride to water is a safe way to reduce the probability of tooth decay. It has become more common as water supplies increase the level of fluoride.

About 380 million people globally are provided with fluoridated water. In England alone, over five million people receive fluoridated water. This accounts for every litre of water having one mg of fluoride. Meanwhile, 200 million people in the US already got access to it as of 2018.

It proved safe and cost-effective as dental visits due to tooth decay decreased. Studies showed that fluoridated water could help people save $32 on average per year. Communities that supported it had an ROI of $20 for every dollar spent.

Also, due to the non-existence of reliable data, there are no proven health risks to drinking fluoridated water despite some concerns. Of course, people must still be careful since too much fluoride causes dental fluorosis.

Set Aside Time to Go on Dental Visits

Sometimes things still go out of hand even if you’re being extra careful of your oral health. That is the time to seek help from your dentists. The industry is evolving and providing more effective dental treatments and other services. That is why you should never ignore or underestimate the impact of dental problems.

Aside from discomfort, they can cause severe diseases when left untreated. For example, chipped teeth can lead to a tooth abscess, which can cause a bacterial infection. This, in turn, can cause more health problems like sepsis or meningitis. Dentists can treat chipped teeth with composite bonding. It is cheaper and more effective than porcelain veneers, as composite veneers only cost £100-£400.

But many people still choose to delay dental visits due to rising costs. In a survey last year, over a quarter of interviewees said they had difficulty paying dental fees. Twenty-three percent planned to go on dental visits only when they needed dental treatments. That is why private or public dental insurance can help access dental healthcare.

Get Vaccinated

The safety of our family should always begin with us. Vaccines provide more protection despite the side effects that vary across brands. Over 70% are now fully vaccinated in the UK, while over 50% have already received a booster shot. It appears to help people take a holistic approach to ensure health and safety.

With vaccines, you are confident to go out and get the dental service you need. Today, COVID-19 vaccines are available for minors aged 12-17. So, you and your kids can be well-protected during dental visits.

Be Extra Careful

Now that going out can be risky, maintaining oral health at home is necessary. Delaying dental visits means missing scheduled oral prophylaxis and dental checkups. So, you need to put more care and effort into preventing dental problems. Brushing your teeth and using dental floss and mouthwash are crucial during these uncertain times.

The Takeaway

Getting access to dental healthcare is more challenging as the pandemic continues, so you must be extra careful with your oral hygiene. You must not delay seeking treatment to avoid more problems. Plus, the simple yet often overlooked ways mentioned above can help you.

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