Improve your Heart with Weight Loss Surgery


Weight loss surgery has been regarded as a quick fix for obese people. Obesity is a root cause for many other problems, which includes but not limited to, the proper functioning of heart. Hence a proper body weight is essential for the proper functioning of your heart. From this we can conclude that a successful weight loss surgery can do wonders for your heart health.

To prove this point further a study has been carried out by Dr. Sheldon Litwin at Georgia medical college. He monitored 400 people who were obese and had gone through gastric bypass surgery. Then he tallied the results with 300 other obese people that have not done the same surgery. The eco results showed that those that have done the surgery had positive structural changes in their heart. While you are obese your heart goes through structural damage like gaining extra muscles or ventricle enlargement which is very bad for your heart’s health. But this study showed that when you lose weight you actually undo the damage that you had caused to your heart when you were obese.

The differences of both groups were seen after two years time. The group that went through this surgery had a better heart in many ways, like their BMI came down to 32 from 48, they had low cholesterol, and lower blood pressure and their heart rate came down as well. Obesity also affects the heart beat rhythm and makes it different; this is another thing that can be improved by losing weight.

So, on the whole, this weight loss surgery has major benefits, but still it is an option that you should only consider if you are severely obese. For most general over weight person, losing weight with the combination of diet and exercise is the best way to go. So, start working on your weight and undo the damage that the extra weight had done to your heart.

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