Important Things That Should Be In A First Aid Kit


When there is a sudden accident, injury, or illness, it is extremely important to apply first aid immediately. The earlier a casualty is treated using first aid techniques, the better chance they have of a full and successful recovery.

In order to provide first aid, you should have a fully stocked first aid kit with you at all times. This may involve you carrying a first aid kit with you, or just ensuring that your car, home, place of work, etc., has a first aid kit available. Always keep in mind that accidents can happen unexpectedly, so the more prepared you are the better. You don’t need a large first aid kit to cover all possibilities, but a basic first aid kit fully stocked should be a minimum.

But the big question is, what are the important things that you need to have inside your first aid kit?  See some of our recommendations below:


Bandages are undeniably helpful in supporting your dressing of fresh wounds. These will keep the dressing in a proper position so that wounds will not be exposed to bacteria that can worsen the condition. Bandages can also be very helpful for treating broken bones and sprains.


Antiseptic medicines should also be present inside the first aid kit. This is a perfect alternative for water and soap, especially with the fact that water may not be available in the setting of some accidents. These can prevent the infection from spreading if you wash the wounds and using these. One good example of antiseptics is the Bactine.


This is a very important item that is often neglected. A first aid kit can never be complete without its presence. It helps a lot in cutting things up like the adhesive tapes, clothes, and gauze pads. It can also assist in cutting items of clothing from a casualty, if required.

Hot and Cold Pack (Instant)

In order to minimize swelling of an injury, the injured area must be applied with hot and cold packs. Since the purpose of your first aid is for an emergency where you are not at home, it is best to go for instant cold and hot packs. You can just throw them away after using.

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tape is helpful in securing the dressings and bandages you put on the wounded area.

Latex Gloves

In giving first aid treatment, it is important that proper sanitation is observed. Remember, you’ll mostly deal with open wounds, and bacteria from your hands may infect the wounds if you don’t use latex gloves.

Some other essential items that must be present in the first aid kit are antihistamines, disinfectants like sterile dressings and plasters, alcohol free wipes, pins, clips and tweezers.


First aid kits must be stocked with the most important items that ensures you are prepared and able to apply first aid in the event of an incident. This should be checked regularly so that items can be replenished when stock

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