Impact of Sedentary Lifestyle on Employees Productivity and Health

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The hectic work life in the corporate industry has taken a hard toll on its employees’ productivity and health. Sitting in front of computers and meeting deadlines has become a routine for most people who especially lead a corporate lifestyle.

It’s easy to sit for hours and do a task if forced to complete in a stipulated time. But the personal results coming from it can lead to some serious lifestyle issues. This is often termed as Sitting Diseases.

As per reports of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 15% of American adults are now leading a sedentary lifestyle. This gives a fair idea that the highest percentage comprises all the office goers.

Researchers found that leading a sedentary lifestyle can be deadlier than smoking! Hence supporting active working has become a prime agenda in many organizations’ corporate wellness programs.

What is Sedentary Lifestyle

A person with a sedentary lifestyle involves little or no exercise. An accumulation of inactiveness and not meeting the required amount of physical activity can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Studies recommend that a healthy adult should include an activity of at least 150 minutes per week. Failure can negatively impact physical and mental health.

How It Impacts an Employee Lifestyle

Prolonged periods of sitting during work can have adverse effects on employees’ health and fitness. While many jobs include walking, standing  and sitting activities, some jobs still require their employees to sit more.

A survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that most employees from corporate sectors, including software engineers, lawyers, HR managers, accountants spent more than 75% of their work time sitting.

Cases of health issues have grown exponentially among employees in recent times. Among them leading a sedentary lifestyle has worse effects.

Some of the prevalent health risks  are:


This is the most common effect of sitting prolonged hours. Apart from draining your energy, sedentary behaviours can increase fats in the body. The imbalance of energy intake and its expenditure  leads to obesity which can raise the risks of other deadly diseases.


Sitting can overstretch and strain some major muscles. Due to this the muscles become numb and short which leads to postures and joint problems.


Inactivity from sitting long hours can imbalance the sugar levels. It damages the insulin level which finally leads to diabetes. Research depicts that sitting for longer hours increases the risk of diabetes by 122%.


Cases of stress and depressions may have direct link to sedentary lifestyle. Employees who lack exercises and fitness have a high rate of anxiety disorders and low productivity ratio.


Sedentary Lifestyle has impacts on heart and other cardiovascular diseases. Experts say that  by sitting, it has greater chances of developing cardiac arrest or stroke.

How to avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

In a wake of this many employers are beginning to redefine their wellness strategies. Employers are adopting various wellness programs, including health coaching and corporate healthcare checkup policies to give extra benefits to their employees.

With the help of following ways,you will be able to reduce the effects of a sedentary lifestyle:

  1. Taking mandatory Breaks

Taking short breaks can help to combat boredom after long hours of work. Taking a stroll around the office or going outside for fresh air can help you to be productive at your work again.

  1. Choosing  Stairs

Who would like to take the hard way to reach a destination? But choosing stairs instead of elevators can prove a great result, rescuing yourself from leading a sedentary lifestyle. It helps to burn lots of energy and gives a necessary workout during office hours.

  1. Doing Stretching

After a sufficient interval of sitting, getting up to do stretching exercises will help in rejuvenating your body. You may also use the treadmill desk or can do some simple warm-ups exercises while working. Stretching helps to relax your muscles and avoid feeling tired.

  1. Actively participating in Wellness programs

Employers are now trying best to engage their employees. One way is by introducing Employee Wellness Programs. It has many many benefits, among them,  by introducing Fitness Challenges.

Active participation will foster healthy habits and enhanced employee engagement in your organization.

To know more: Effective Ways of Combating Sedentary Lifestyle.


Due to the outbreak of CoVid 19, Employees are now doing work from home. The new normal has affected the health of many people but mostly for the employees.

Sedentary lifestyle is now more prevalent than before which is leading to imbalance in work-life, and can cause severe chronic diseases. Hence limiting the sedentary lifestyle has become a crucial factor to lead a healthy and productive life.

Now I would like to know from you:

How have you combat a sedentary lifestyle?

Let me know by typing in the comment section below!

Author’s Bio:

This article is written by Rangana Atreya. She is working as a Content Marketer for Vantage Fit, an all-in-one corporate wellness platform by Vantage Circle. She is passionate about digital Marketing and HR solutions. Apart from her roles she loves indulging in various outdoor activities.

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