If You Yearn For Toned Legs, Read This

toned legs

If you like wearing shorts and dresses that show off your legs, it is but natural for you to yearn for toned legs. When you wear shorts or dresses that accentuate your legs you need to have calves to die for. To get those killer calves and quads you need to work out and not just any workout but workouts aimed specifically to get you those killer quads and calves.

Let’s face it, women can be seen working out for long hours in the gym using a variety of machines to get the perfect quads. Though they spend so much time, the results are often not the expected ones. The ideal workout for a woman to attain perfect legs according to www.fitnessgoals.com, a fitness website, is the 30 day leg challenge. The website says that using your own body weight and a few dumbbell exercises you can get the legs that you crave for.

The 30 day leg challenge is different from other types of fads. This challenge really works. The main reason is that the challenge teaches you to exercise using the perfect form. Form is very important and an often neglected part of exercising. Proper form will make sure that the muscle is exercised fully and correctly. For the perfect pair of legs you need perfect form.

The 30 day leg challenge includes not just leg workouts but also some great cardio workouts. It is a known fact that if you build muscle you will be burning fat but when you combine it with cardio workouts you get results fast, faster than you could imagine, just 30 days.

There are three exercises that you need to do to get toned legs. The three exercise moves are squat jumps, farmers walk and jump rope.

  1. Squat jumps: To do this you need to stand with your feet shoulder length apart and do a normal squat. From a squat position jump high with your hands held high and land on your toes. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.
  2. Farmers walk: One of the simplest exercises but the results are great. All you need to do is carry heavy dumbbells, one in each hand and walk as fast and as far as you can. It is a complete workout and it helps in burning fat and toning legs.
  3. Jump rope: One of the best exercises which you would have done from childhood. It helps to tone your legs as well as the core.

These exercises will help you get toned legs and you will shed fat too in the process. At least one of squat jumps, farmers walk or jump rope will be part of your daily workout. On certain days of the week you will need to do all the three exercise moves, the next day would be a rest day so that your muscles recover completely from the heavy workout you did the previous day.

Along with these three exercises you will need to do a few muscle building exercises. These muscle building exercises will augment the three exercises and help you tone down fat completely and also accentuate the calf and quad muscles.

The best part about the 30 day leg challenge is that there is no fixed rule. For example if you need to jump rope for 10 minutes, it does not mean that you should do it without breaks. You can do it for 5 minutes, take a small break and then do another 5 minutes. This keeps you motivated and you will be able to complete the challenge. You can increase the time and reduce the repetitions after a week. After 2 weeks you will see that you are able to jump rope continuously for 10 minutes without breaks. The task did not become easier after 2 weeks, you got stronger, a lot stronger and hence you were able to exercise without breaks.

There have been many women who have taken up the challenge and they have seen incredible results in just 30 days. They say it is a little difficult at first but after keeping up with the exercise regimen for a few days they were able to do it easily. In fact, most of them felt that they needed to make the change in their lifestyle and would not stop after 30 days. They felt that continuously following the regimen would help them lead a healthy life.

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