If Stress Calls, Let It Go To Voicemail

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The ideal way to hit the reset button in life is go some place that severs all chords with reality. Healing of mind is every bit salient as the body. In this modern day life, we do not often heed our feelings. We just shove them in a box and leave it unattended. Retreats help you streamline this process and allow some time for introspection. Village retreat is one such sanctuary.

You can indulge in some ancient practices to recuperate your cognition and practise healing. They walk you through multitude asanas (postures) that instantly stimulate positivity inside you. Village retreat helps you break away from the monotony of life.


Yoga is a quintessential fraction of retreats. It is an ancient practice used for exercising mind and body. Depending on your individual calibre, they ease you into asanas. Let us explore a few more cardinal points:

1) Bonding with nature – Your sheer presence in the arms of nature kicks off a surreal bond. You witness scintillating places and escape the agitation of a fast moving life. Learning to find happiness in smaller things and connecting with nature on a larger scale. The simple rains , the gushing of winds or the warm embrace of the sun can feel very dream-like.

2) Digital detox – Severing ties with technology can take you further on a journey of self- awareness. It will eliminate the constant tumult and take the edge off. Helping you shift your focal point to your own self. Furthermore, it will allow the prolific social media to take a backseat. We often equate ourselves with others. That can set toxic and unreal standards.

3) Eliminate overthinking – It is very commonplace for humans to keep ruminating. We keep revolving in a spiral, thinking of insignificant things. It is vital to disallow the negative energies to feed off of us. Training your mind to avoid distractions and letting go is also an innate part of yoga and meditation.

4) Accept your fears – The linchpin of fears affecting us has mainly to do with the fact that we let them. We continue to be intimidated  by it. Instead take a more positive approach and face them head-on. They may not entirely disappear but you will be better equipped at conducting yourself wisely the next time around.

There are several other factors but this seems to be the locus of why you should lose no more time and book a retreat.


Regularly practising yoga has an array of benefits:

1) Yoga is cardinal in bringing harmony back to your body. It can help cope up with insomnia and deal with ailments like arthritis and lower back pain. It aids flexibility, promotes strength and metabolism. More added benefits include improved levels of energy, weight loss and faster rate of recovery.

2) Also possess an unmatched continuum of mental healing. From alleviating stress, to lowered levels of blood pressure, building calmess, awareness and fighting woes of headaches. Consistent practices succour more inner healing and amplified concentration.

Yoga and meditation go hand in hand and have become a way of life. A few of the commonly practised postures are listed below:

  • Sukhasana – Initiates with you straightening your legs and crossing them over, by means of alternating. Focus your gaze in one direction and make a mental note of your breathing.
  • Balasana – Commonly referred to as the child’s pose, it helps you regroup and relieve anxiety. It starts with you sitting on your heels and stretching the upper body in front. It almost looks like you are grovelling.
  • Paschimottanasana – Also known as the seated forward bend. It might seem overwhelming for a beginner but with time and practise you will come to appreciate it. The posture entails you to sit down with your legs stretched out. Then with gradual steps take your upper body down and touch your feet. This will assist digestion, and dwindle symptoms of PMS, stress and fatigue.


Cities like Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Varanasi, Tamil Nadu, Mysore and many others have become proficient in the development of retreats. We can now experience the best of both worlds in one single place. Depending on your goal and state of mind, pick a destination. If any of these retreats are akin to your liking, go ahead and give it a chance. To be encumbered with positivity and peace is opulent. Throw caution to the wind and take a leap of faith.

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