How Will Invisalign Improve My Oral Health?

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Have you been considering trying to correct your teeth? Many people become self-conscious, especially as they get older when their teeth are not straight. The first thing that people notice about another person is their smile. Their teeth contribute a lot to this and that is why it’s a great idea to have them as straight as possible. Another big reason why having straight teeth is a good idea is because it can cause problems with other teeth that may have been straight. Over time, your teeth will continue to shift when they are not straight. Keep reading as our dentist Wentzville MO friends explain two of the things you can do when you have crooked teeth and will even compare them for you. Keep reading to learn more. 

Invisalign. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, it’s important to understand that this could be a very viable treatment option for you if you’ve struggled with teeth issues like crowding, overbite or underbite, if you have gaps in your teeth, have a crossbite, or just want generally straighter teeth. 

Invented in 1997 as an alternative to the traditional braces used in orthodontic work for issues mentioned above, it’s creator had been experiencing difficulties with his retainer following the removal of his braces. The orthodontic process he had been through prompted him to create this breakthrough, invisible way to straighten teeth. The creator, also an orthodontic student at the time, found partners to collaborate with, eventually developing the full incremented retainer system that is now Invisalign. And his invention exploded with those requiring orthodontic work!

Removable, clear aligners are swapped out every few weeks, slowly transforming the teeth into proper alignment. The aligners are tightly fit and adjusted as your teeth shift into place. An obvious advantage over wire braces is that they’re barely noticeable, possibly making the wearer less self-conscious and worried about people judging their smile. Other reasons consumers have been preferring this product since its launch is that you can remove them for eating, for taking pictures, for playing sports and at other times when it might seem inconvenient to have your teeth-straightening apparatus in place. For those in sports, not having the worry of cuts and sores in their mouth due to potential injury from metal brackets and wires, is a huge advantage in used the medical-grade polyurethane aligners.

Cosmetically, people who choose Invisalign over traditional braces seem to love them for these reasons stated, but are there actual health reasons for opting for Invisalign?

An obvious reason using Invisalign versus traditional braces may be healthier, is that they can be removed for brushing and flossing. With traditional braces, stuck food is often an issue and flossing has to be done with special picks. Tooth decay and gum disease could be a possible side effect. Brushing can be a bit of a challenge, working around the brackets and wires. With the clear aligners, brushing and flossing can be maintained as normal, leaving your teeth healthier, more properly cleaned, and your oral hygiene at a high level. 

What happens if you leave teeth crooked, if you live with an overbite, underbite or crossbite, if you have gaps in your teeth, or if you live with teeth that are crowded? Most think of these as cosmetic issues, when in fact, they can lead to serious oral health problems.

For those whose upper and lower jaws don’t come together correctly, this can lead to bite issues, cavities, gum infections, tooth enamel erosion, and even tooth loss can occur. Not to mention possible speaking and eating issues. Invisalign can help correct abnormal bite functioning.

Crowded, gapped or crooked teeth can lead to gum disease because the gums aren’t fitting snugly around each tooth, allowing bacteria to settle and wreak havoc. Tight-fitting gums help prevent gum infections, and Invisalign can assist with this. 

When your teeth are straight, a host of oral health issues can be resolved or prevented altogether. Problems like gingivitis (gum inflammation), halitosis (chronic bad breath), tooth chipping, tooth loss, and tooth sensitivity are less likely to cause a problem if your teeth are aligned properly.  In addition, straight teeth are typically stronger and their form and function improved, as proper alignment reduces wear and tear.

It’s one thing for kids and teenagers to be fitted with braces. But can you imagine as an adult, needing to have the metal wires and brackets in your mouth for months and maybe even years? Even kids and teenagers though may experience the mental anguish that having braces could cause. Being self-conscious of your teeth, to begin with, whether they were crooked or you had gaps, or an overbite or underbite existed, surely there was probably more than a few times you purposefully hid your smile, or worse, you got in the habit of not smiling at all. Having braces to fix your teeth may not be any better visually, in your mind. Psychologically, having teeth issues or braces can cause a lot of anguish and can cause embarrassment, self-consciousness, and low self-esteem. Having the option of creating a straight, beautiful smile by using the nearly invisible Invisalign, can open up a whole new self-confident world for those fitted with them.

As you can see, there are a couple of different ways that you can utilize in order to get a straighter smile. This will not only help your overall oral health in the future, but it will cause you to have more confidence each and every time you smile. We hope this information was helpful and you are on your way to a more beautiful smile. Remember to meet with a great dentist to find out the costs associated with it, what the result will look like, and if you are a good candidate. This is all very important in making your final decision. 

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