How Trichophytic Closure Supportive in the FUT Hair Transplant Procedure

The hair transplant procedure involves the hair follicle removal from the donor area of the scalp onto the receiver portion of the scalp. This is a scientifically approved technique that fulfills the aesthetic goal of the cosmetic benefits. The shifting of hair follicles/graft that can be extracted by two scientific approved methods, namely, the FUT hair transplant & the FUE hair transplant.

The extraction of grafts is one of the most important jobs for the procedure of hair restoration that decides the success of the procedure. The follicular unit extraction or FUE just limited to the activity of single punching at the single time that is performed with the help of the punching machine, whereas the technique of the FUT or follicular unit transplant involves the excision of the strip of the skin only from the safe donor area, which is usually from the back & sides of the scalp are used to extract the grafts. Afterwards, the donor area is closed with the help of the Trichophytic closure.

So, that the scars got negligible and it is considered as the advanced way to perform the FUT hair transplant procedure, which helps a Surgeon to attain the maximum goal of the aesthetic hair transplant surgery.

The hair transplant in India has the facilities & advantages of the most modern technique, equipment and skilled hand of the Surgeon that weighs the place an important destination for the plastic & cosmetic surgery treatment.

The Trichophytic Closure

The Trichophytic closing technique is an advanced-closing technique, which is applied to make incision scars invisible. It is performed in such a manner that the edges of the incision areas are closed with an overlapping pattern of the edges. It hides the closing scars technically and gives some space to regrowth of hair on that particular point of the incision-edge that makes sure to get the scarless effect of the hair transplant procedure. It is widely accepted in the hair transplant world and scientifically approved by the Surgeons in order to get the best outcomes of the procedure. The Trichophytic closure encourages the scalp to heal tightly with the negligible visibility of the scars on the sutured part of the donor area.

Benefits of the Trichophytic Closure:

  • It minimizes the appearance of the scars on the donor area during the FUT hair transplant procedure
  • It gives fuller cosmetic benefits of the hair transplant procedure as a scarless outcome
  • The hair can grow again in the incision area that meets the goal of the undetectable hair transplant procedure
  • It encourages the scalp to heal tightly.

Significance of the FUT Technique in the Hair Transplant World

It is a Painless & Scarless Technique

Yes, the FUT hair transplant is a painless & scarless technique followed by the advanced closing technique of the Trichophytic closure as well as the use of local anesthesia makes the procedure a completely painless and scarless. The FUT hair transplant is only differentiated with the step of the extraction of grafts that involves the strip excision that gives a number of grafts in a single session and is very much suitable for all the Norwood class of baldness.

It gives a Greater Number of Grafts

Since the technique of FUT involves the strip excision can easily give a number of grafts to cover the particular grade of Norwood class and allows a Surgeon to offer a high-density hair transplant even the grade of Norwood class is higher. This is the most adaptable technique in the hair transplant world and widely chosen by the Surgeon to fulfill the aesthetic goal of the procedure.

FUT has the higher rate of Graft Survival

The FUT procedure has a higher graft survival rate because there is no chance for graft damage during the extraction of grafts like the FUE extraction. The graft gets damaged during the extraction process in the FUE where the Surgeon targets the donor area by the punching machine that is all based on the Surgeon speculation. And many of the times the grafts get damaged as there is no idea about the graft/hair follicles angle & direction beneath the scalp skin. But, in the FUT hair transplant, it is all clear about the positioning of grafts as the strip is exercised in the process with a genuine depth of 1-2 mm from the outer skin of the scalp.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of FUT is not just a safe option in the hair transplant world, but it also has the advantages of a painless and scarless procedure that fulfill the cosmetic benefits of the hair transplant procedure affordable hair transplant cost in India.


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