How to Work Out While On the HCG Diet?

Walking for Good Health

Since the HCG diet is a rather unconventional dietary trend, a lot of people are rightly confused about it. Is it safe to exercise while on the HCG diet? If so how much exercise should I do? What kinds of exercises are preferable and which are the ones I should avoid? These are some of the nagging questions on most dieter’s minds before they participate in the HCG program.

Yes, it is safe to exercise while you are on the HCG diet. However it is important to choose the appropriate exercises or else you run the risk of inflicting damage on your body. Since you are on a calorie restriction while undergoing the HCG diet, you should avoid strenuous exercises such as high intensity cardio vascular workouts such as running, swimming or vigorous aerobics.

The calorie restriction drastically diminishes the amount of stored carbohydrates in your body. As a consequence any high intensity cardio vascular workout would only further drain you off the limited carbohydrates in your body. This could result in very low blood pressure and you could even run the risk of passing out. Hence, avoid any high octane exercise where you would tend to sweat a lot. Remember your body is being programmed to convert all the fat into energy so you should not further deplete the stored energy in your body or this could have a deleterious impact on your health.

Walking Is the Best Exercise

So what exercises are preferable while undergoing the HCG diet? Walking is one of the safest exercises, which you can do during your 45 day HCG program period. A medium paced walk of about a mile or two three or four times a week depending on your requirement and how much weight intend on losing is sufficient.

Walking helps to tone up your legs and thigh muscles and give them a more shapely appearance. Scientific research has established that walking is one of the best ways to reduce stubborn belly fat from the stomach and abdominal region. This is due to the fact that when you walk your stomach muscles help to propel your legs forward. Coupled with the HCG diet, you are able to successfully eliminate all the excess flab around your stomach and abdomen by walking.

Free Hand Exercises go well with the HCG Program

Free hand exercises such as stretching; bending and sit-ups are also recommended while on the HCG diet. These exercises help to tone up various parts of your anatomy such as the arms, hands as well as your hips and stomach muscles resulting in a taut and leaner look.

Besides walking and free hand workouts, you could try a few pushups, yoga and meditation. A daily fitness regime keeps you active and rejuvenated while you are on a calorie restricted diet.

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