How to Use Medical Penlight

Have you ever noticed the light that the doctors or nurse uses? It is known as a medical penlight. This penlight is a flashlight like a fountain pen. The light is on the top side. This pen is popular for its use and the design. This penlight comes with sleek design and stylish look. You can put this penlight in your pocket. You have to know how to use best medical penlight. This penlight is a very important tool, especially for medical personals.

The LED light is very important all the medical employees like nurses, dentists, and surgeons. Everybody likes this penlight for its durability, sturdy and lightweight feature. Don’t mix up with this flashlight with an ordinary flashlight. You can’t put the light of an ordinary flashlight on the patient’s eye. Besides this penlight is portable and the light is mild and perfect. This penlight is an essential tool for the health industry.

What to check in the penlight:

When you are looking for a best medical penlight, you have a to check for some features that work for health issues. You have to pick the perfect size, pupil gauge, and low lighting. These features are for checking patient’s problem. This penlight is best for eye checking problem.

One time there was some penlights that have a light bulb that is small in size. But modern penlights has LED light that is all in all. The light can operate in two ways- one is a power switch on and off, another one is screwing the last part.

You will find penlights made of metal or plastic. You have to pick which will be easy for you. There are different colors penlight and for easy carrying, there is a clip that can be attached easily to your pocket.

The usage of penlights:

You can’t imagine the usage of the penlight is so much that you can finish the list. This penlight is used for different situations. This penlight is light in weight and size is 2- 5 inch. With the light, the area can be enlightening brightly.

Who uses it?

The most uses are done by medical employees and other professional workers also use this penlight. Let’s check who uses this penlight:

  • Doctors:

All the doctors use this penlight, not only dentists. They use it to examine their patients. The size makes the examination easy to use. This penlight helps doctors to check throat, mouth and wound area and pupil response. You will find some penlight with a tongue depressor. It helps to examine the throat easily.

  • Nurses:

Nurses also use penlight for checking patients same as doctors. Nurses have to check patients frequently as they spend time with patients more than doctors. They check the patients before doctors come. It is best for use in night duty. When the patients are sleeping, you can’t disturb them. So nurses go into patients room at night, they take this light and check on them without disturbing them.

  • Policemen:

Yes, the police also use this penlight for their work. With penlight, the police check the arrested or injured suspects’ pupil as they are awake or taking drugs. It is very helpful for police to check on suspects activities.

  • Mechanics:

When you are looking into an engine, it is difficult to see some areas of light. Even in daylight, you can’t see that area of shadow or darkness inside. For that penlight works well. Mechanics have to use a penlight to look at those areas. With this penlight, mechanics can look at the problem, identify it and fix it. All these are easy with this penlight.

  • Overall Use:

The portability of this penlight makes its versatile use. You can make a keychain with it and keep it in your pocket. You can carry this penlight in your pocket and can go any place you want. The light is accurate and bright, for this, you can use this light for any purpose like searching or fixing things in the dark.

Yes, this penlight has some problem. You cannot have enough light in big space. You cannot expect light like a normal torch. The light area is small and focused. You can just focus in a small area with this light.

This penlight has two batteries, sometimes there are three. The batteries are slim and light in weight. So it makes the penlight light.

You will see the normal process to change the batteries. There will be an option to unscrew the penlight that is at the end part. You have to open it in anti-clock direction. Check the batteries and their positions. You have to remove the old ones and insert the new ones. After inserting screw the end in opposite direction.

There is some penlight that is made of plastic. They are one-time use penlight. Although they are one-time use there is a way to use it if you can.  Know the battery, then use same type battery.

A medical penlight is an essential tool not for the medical purpose, also for some other purposes. You can use this light for searching things under the furniture, or dark place inside your box or bags. This penlight is really a must-have tool for everyone. Try to pick the best one that is good for quality and gives enough light. Or else your work will get hampered by light. This penlight is easy to carry and use. Take it and use it.

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  1. Burt Silver says:

    I really like how you go over the use cases of a penlight in a work environment. For me, penlights have been really helpful in all kinds of environments, even at home when you are working on a personal project or looking for something that you may have dropped in a dark area. Flashlights can be really useful for all kinds of things. I use to use a penlight all the time but I lost it. It would be nice to get one again.

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