How to Use Lavender Oil as a Steam and Vapour Therapy Aid

lavender oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile medicinal plants as it has many uses, not only around the home but in the first aid kit too. Lavender can be used as a tool to pamper, smooth wrinkles, to relax and unwind, as well as a topical medicine to heal cuts, scrapes and skins. In a solution the antiseptic properties of lavender make it an ideal anti-bacterial cleanser for all household surfaces, whilst Michelin starred chefs are now realizing the potential it has as flavouring for food.

This trend is not new, even as early as Ancient Greece lavender was used to flavour food, heal the Gladiators and induce natural sleep. Both Queen Elizabeth the First and Queen Victoria adored lavender on a daily basis, the former eating copious amounts in a lavender conserve that was a staple condiment on the royal table whilst the latter used it for spritzing bedding to ensure a good night’s sleep.

With all of these benefits it is plain to see how the quality of lavender blends well with vapour therapy, inhaling through a mixture of water and essential oil, many conditions are said to be alleviated.

How to use

To use lavender as a vapour therapy aid, simply add a few drops to steaming hot water, lower you head over the bowl with a towel to encapsulate the moisture, and inhale the steam for a minute at a time. You can also buy vaporizers that allow you to add your own essential oils and water, increasing the humidity in the air whilst emitting the aromas of the oil allowing you to reap the benefits.

These are especially popular in winter as the use of central heating makes the household humidity hit an all-time low, increasing the moisture in the air keeps airways moist and fights off colds and flu.

However, lavender is said to have many other benefits when using as a steam and vapour therapy aid, surprisingly it can tackle most disorders restoring harmony to the mind and body.

The Benefits

As lavender is known for its calming effects it is used in vapour therapy for a number of nervous disorders, these include anorexia, depression, anxiety, nervous tension and even hysteria. Just adding it to the room can help occupants relax and unwind, allowing nervous energy to dissipate, and letting their minds flow free.

Many also swear by lavender oil through vapour therapy as a reliever of headaches as well as allergies, lavender has been proven to help with hay fever and when allowing the room to fill with the fragrance, insects will be deterred.

As lavender is a mild medicinal herb it is also safe to use with children, using a burner, children can inhale the aroma as they drift off to sleep. Some children claim that this eliminates nightmares whilst allowing them to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep the natural way.

Between couples, lavender oil burned in the bedroom will help with a myriad of annoying afflictions, such as snoring, muscle spasms and restlessness. Even the partner who experiences none of these symptoms will enjoy the distinct summer fragrance and the sleep inducing magic it produces.

For the simplest way to use lavender as a steam or vapour therapy aid, try adding some to hot running water as you prepare a pampering bath. The mixture of steam and the flower will fill the room allowing you to gently unwind before even dipping your big toe in the water!

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