How to Use Inversion Table Therapy

inversion table

A device which enables a man to be comfortably upside-down is called Inversion table. The method of doing upside-down on this device, it is named inversion and we called it inversion therapy. Basically it is used as a spinal gym but it has a huge benefits. In fact, it is the best primary treatment for back pain. It is well treatment for joints of backbone, pelvis, discs and nerves.

However, if one has high blood pressure or heart disease, one’s should not use this exercise table. Also pregnant woman should not use this device.

1. Choose an Open Space

Put the inversion table in an open place.

2. Inversion table instruction

To start up, you should read your inversion table instruction. It is very important that all the steps are done properly. You must be sure to have anyone standing by if you are using it first time.

3. Wear Athletic Shoes

By using an inversion table, you must try to wear athletic shoes. When the table locks into place, it can give you much comfortable. Don’t try to use the inversion table with bare feet.

4. Adjust with Height

It is very essential to adjust it with your height. So, take your time to shape it and set it with your height. Most of this type of tables has a bar with measures. You have to make sure about your adjustment security. In the introduction of inversion table must include a bit of heights for user’s safety. You have to follow it.

5. Step into Position

Set your back side toward the inversion table. Raise your feet by following instruction at a time. Go back to pull up the lever. And then lock your feet in proper place.

6. Straps over Body

Tighten the body with inversion table. They must have a system to strap your body. Maybe they have a body strap and an ankle bar. You have to make secure all the tackles are locked in proper place.

7. Start with Lowest Degree

Start your inversion therapy with the lowest degree. You may adjust it about 60 Degree from the neutral or horizontal position. If you are not able to use an inversion table, then at least you make sure that your heat is at 10 degrees below your feet. And then start this therapy with a slight decline.

8. Climb into the Inversion Table

Climb into the inversion table. You must make secure your feet. When you are climbing into the prone position, you will look up at the ceiling. For your back is flush, you have to set the angle and slide on the inversion table. Then you have to do upside-down to keep your feet with straps. Wearing shoes will make you more protective. Raise your hand above your head and cast your weight return to feel relax. While getting on to the table, you can ask someone to assist you. Visit this amazing site to get more ideas on inversion table.

9. Getting Out

Increase the duration of your season time day by day. How long do you spend on the table depends on entirety on you. You should never stay on the table if you realize more back pain. Also you have to avoid the table if you feel shooting pains into your legs. And then slowly come back on the starting position. It’s time to unhooking yourself and getting out.

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