How to Use Heat to Straighten Curly Human Hair Extensions

Did you know that you can take your curly human hair extensions from big, bouncy curls to sleek and straight in a matter of minutes? Curly human hair extensions are so versatile that they can be straightened just a little to give you curls that are looser and have a little less body or straightened all the way out to give you silky straight tresses.

There’s no need to buy expensive styling tools to take your human hair extensions from curly to straight. You can achieve the level of straightness you desire quickly with the basic heat styling that you likely already own. Just pull up a seat, get your flat iron and blow dryer ready and with a little patience and know-how, you can create a stunning hairstyle that turns heads.

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The great thing about using heat styling tools to straighten your curly hair extensions is that the texture of your extensions only changes temporarily. After you wear your curly human hair extensions straight, saturate them with water, and the original curl pattern will pop right back into your extensions.

You can go from straight to curly and change your hairstyles as often as you’d like when you use heat styling tools to straighten your curly human hair extensions making it a great styling option for anyone who likes to try new looks and get the most value from their extensions.

The same rules that apply to straightening your own hair apply when you straighten curly human hair extensions. When you straighten curly human hair extensions, you have to prepare the hair and use heat styling tools carefully just like you do with your own hair. If you set your heat styling tools on a low heat setting and attempt to straighten your curly hair extensions, your hair may only become puffy or wavy, and if you use too much heat on your curly human hair extensions, you can run the risk of burning them or causing permanent breakage.

If you’d like to straighten your curly human hair extensions, but you’re not sure how use these simple tips to transform your extensions:

  1. Detangle your extensions

Like natural hair, the curls of curly human hair extensions should be combed or brushed thoroughly to make the hair completely smooth before heat styling tools are used. Section your extensions and work a comb or brush from the ends to the top of your extensions to make sure even the smallest twists or tangles are removed.

  1. Protect your hair with heat styling products

Eliminate the possibility of heat damage by using hair products designed to protect extensions or natural hair. Heat damage such as loss of curl pattern, breakage, and burned hair can occur if your extensions aren’t properly protected before you begin the process of straightening with the use of heat styling tools. Glosses, serums and a wide variety of other over the counter and drug store products can keep your curly human hair extensions from unwanted damage while providing them with added softness and shine.

Look for heat protecting products that contain ingredients like Vitamin E and other vitamins and oils that revitalize and add strength to the hair while keeping it from safe from excessive heat.   A little goes a long way when it comes to products that can protect your curly human hair extensions from heat damage. Usually, an amount that’s equal to the size of a small coin is enough to coat all of your extensions at once. Too much product tends to weigh the hair down and provide an undesirable appearance.

Use your hands to work the product into your extensions then follow up with a brush to make sure the product has been distributed throughout your extensions evenly.


  1. Use Your Blow-dryer

If you want to loosen your curls quickly using a blow dryer may be the option for you. Because blow dryers can be set on low or high heat, they can straighten your curly hair extensions to just about any thickness you desire.

The Chase Method

Using the chase method is an easy way to smooth wet or dry hair straight with the use of a blow dryer. You can use just about any flat brush to smooth your hair straight as you straighten your hair. Just section your hair and place the hairbrush in front of the blow dryer to pull your hair straight as you move the blow dryer through your hair.

Waves and curls

If you’d like to replace the curls of your curly human hair extensions with waves or loose curls using a round brush along with a blow dryer is a great way to change the texture of your extensions. Section your extensions and gently pull the round brush and blow dryer through your hair. You can use the round brush just like you’d use a curling iron or curling wand. Wrap your hair around the end of your hair and focus the heat of the blow dryer on it to create a loose curl or waves in long extensions.

  1. Use Your Flat Iron

If you want to turn your human hair extensions from curly to silky straight fast, flat ironing is the way to go. Flatirons can generally be set to higher temperatures than a blow drier can and can, therefore, straighten your extensions much faster. Be sure to read the instructions provided with your extensions to find out the temperature setting recommended for heat styling tools. To find out which heat setting works best for your extensions begin with low heat and gradually move to a higher setting. Section your extensions and work your flat irons from the top to the tip of your hair in one smooth motion repeatedly until you obtain your desired look.

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