How to Treat Intestinal Parasites

Intestinal parasites can be irritating sometimes. From severe stomach and intestinal pain to constipation and diarrhea, from weight loss to tiredness and fatigue, intestinal parasites cause a number of alarming situations causing painful times to deal with. However, keeping in mind the abnormalities caused by a parasitic invasion, it is not hard to fight them off. Some of the basic things to effectively counter parasitic invasion are following a healthy balanced diet, a strict sanitation habit, and avoiding unhygienic environments. Still, after all the safety precautions a person takes, a parasitic attack can happen. To fight them off, several medications and supplements are available but before heading out to the local pharmacy, note that there are some natural fruits and vegetables which can do the same job and better. A natural approach to any health treatment is always beneficial in a way that it does not cause any side effects. Not only do they effectively perform parasite cleansing but also help in recharging and refreshing the body.

Naturally Occurring Parasite Killers

Nature is filled with tools of great power. A simple plant extract can do wonders in terms of treating health issues. Cloves, wormwood, pumpkin, nuts, are only a few examples of the naturally occurring parasite killers. A handful of these ingredients twice or thrice a day contain essential vitamins, proteins and probiotics, and prebiotics which help a body grow better. After a positive diagnosis of a parasitic infection by the help of either a stool test or a scotch tape test, a treatment is followed. Some of the foods that need to be avoided during a parasitic infection are sugar, processed foods, alcohol and gluten containing wheat. And the addition of natural parasite killer ingredients to food intake and consuming them on a daily basis can improve overall metabolism rate, bowel movements, boost the immune system, improve senses, and help bones and muscles get stronger.

4 Home Tools for Deworming

The use of natural herbal products has been around since early ages. Some of the plants and fruits and vegetables possess excellent parasitic and cleanse properties and boost the overall immune system. Including such products in the daily diet can help save a person deflect a parasite even before its invasion. Many products are designed by keeping the base of a plant extract, which does the same job as a fruit in a local kitchen basket. Defined below are a few products that can not only help in deworming the intestine but can also be consumed apart from any abnormality to keep the metabolism healthy and the body in a good shape.


It is known that papaya seed contains anti-helminthic and anti-amoebic properties. A study showed that a group of children recovered from parasite infection effectively and in just 7 days after they were given a 20ml dose of crushed papaya seeds mixed with honey. Consuming papaya seeds in lukewarm milk on an empty stomach can clear out the toxins from the stomach. Usually, this can also be followed by a laxative medication to make sure that the intestine gets free from all sorts of worms. The naturally occurring coconut oil and castor oil can be used as a laxative.


Carrots not only help in improving optical sense but also possess beta-carotene which can kill the eggs of parasitic worms, thus helping in intestinal cleansing. A fiber-rich dose of carrots as a juice or in raw form can efficiently fight against parasites as it promotes good bowel movements, resulting in clearing out parasites from the intestine.


A good sprinkle of garlic on food or consuming raw garlic can assist in treating parasitic infections. A study conducted on mice showed great anti-parasitic effects of garlic and proved that it can also effectively kill female worms to prevent any more egg formation. Garlic can also be used topically by making a paste from cloves of garlic and applying it to the affected area. It can kill the parasites and produce a soothing action against irritation but should be avoided on allergic skins.


Turmeric is well-known for its healing properties and has long been used for its antiseptic and anti-microbial activities. Consuming a spoonful of turmeric powder in milk or tea made from raw turmeric can greatly help in removing parasitic worms from the intestine and perform a parasitic cleansing effect. A paste made with turmeric powder in warm water can help in soothing pain and infection on the skin.

Easy Parasite Cleansing Formula

After the discovery of the strategy of using natural plant extracts as herbal remedies, many products rose from all over the world under the banner of parasite cleansing. Many companies offer these formulas in their products but only a handful of good products work for which they are intended. The same type of product formulated by Dr. Hulda Clarke gains massive support and customer satisfaction labels. This parasitic cleanse helps in clearing out the toxins from the stomach and improves overall gut health.


There are a number of naturally occurring plants, herbs and shrubs present that can no doubt work effectively in treating several ailments. Long been used for health benefits, these products work perfectly in treating intestinal parasites as well. A number of these products are also used as a base in a parasitic cleansing formula like turmeric, wormwood, cloves, garlic, etc. The main benefit of using herbal remedies for health treatment purposes is that it does not have many side effects. A good diet containing nutritious food, routine exercise, and proper sanitation habits can improve overall health efficiency and make the body fit and in healthy shape through-out life.

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