How To Take Care Of Your Foot In The Summer

During summer, the weather becomes hotter and hotter with the sunshine. In accordance, it is very hard to keep the foot healthy when the weather is warm. The reason is that the heat from the sun and hot surfaces such as sand or concrete can dry up your foot skin. In addition, when the weather is warm, the foot can be swelling and sweaty.

take care of your foot

Therefore, there are many foot problems can happen in association with hot weather in the summer. A proper foot care routine is essentially important to keep your foot away from troubles. A good caring habit can relax your foot and reduce risks of interfering common foot problems.

When it comes to summer, theflip-flop is the hottest footwear that is chosen by many people. However, theflip flop is not that secured for your foot. Especially some people who have problems with their foot need specific features from the shoes. Foot problems can be very annoying in the summer. So far, here is a guide to choosing summer shoes for problem feet.

Footwear For Summer

In general, theflip-flop is the most used footwear during summer for its flexibility and fashionable look. Flip flop, sandals and barefoot are considered as non-protective footwear which can cause troublesome in thecase of hot and humid weather. Pain does also often occur and worsens foot health condition. In addition, people who need to work during the summer should also find the best footwear for standing. There are foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, and diabetes that can be worse in the heat and humidity.

Summer Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

The main reason for having plantar fasciitis is because of wearing shoes without heel support. Plantar fasciitis happens so that the heel of your foot feel pain and sharp. These shoes that are considered to be alack of support are flip flop and sandals. It is understandable since people feel freer with these types of shoes or going barefoot.

However, during the summer time, there is still a possibility to wear sandals. A proper pair of sandals can prevent or release some pain caused by plantar fasciitis. According to a podiatrist in Boston, a proper pair of shoes for plantar fasciitis should provide extra heel support.

It is not too hard to find a heel supportive pair of sandals. There are many brands available such as FitFlop or Orthaheel. In addition, you can also add footbed as a custom-made orthotic to support your sandals. If you still have aproblem, you can consult apodiatrist to find out the best custom footbed for your foot.

Summer Shoes For Bunions

People who have bunions will have the change in the alignment of the toes. The big toe is more likely to move inward the second toe. When having this problem, obviously you will suffer from pain without a proper type of footwear.

Since bunions happen to the toe of your foot, the best way to heal the pain by wearing shoes with spacious toe box. Spacious in toe box can help the toes have more room to move freely and not be cramped. Therefore, there will be less interfere to the big toe of the foot.

In accordance, theopen-toedsandal is an outstanding choice for people who have aproblem. Sneakers are not usually provided spacious toe box. However, sandals do come with theopen-toed design. This is an ideal footwear for people with bunions since there is nothing covering your toes. However, you should pay attention to the straps of the sandals. Some sandals that have astrap which can cross the bunions area and cause pain.

Summer Foot Care

foot care

Avoiding walking barefoot: There are many reasons for not going barefoot. Especially on the beach, public swimming pool or a hotel room, going barefoot can be dangerous as the surface is dangerous itself. The beach is full of hot sand which can make your skin dry and rough. Whereas, walking barefoot in the swimming pool can increase the risk of having afungus infection. There is also invisible sharp object that can cause injuries to your foot.

Avoid soaking: Soaking is an essential step in taking care of a foot. However, during the summer, you should avoid doing that regularly since your foot skin is already dry by the heat from the sun. Then, you can directly apply thescrub to your foot and rub away dead skins.

Using a pumice stone: This idea is also mentioned by Jin Soon Choi, founder of a spa in New York. This is one of the bathroom gear that people should have during summer. You can scrub the calluses and soften the skin with the stones. It might also work the same way with ablister to get rid of the infected area. You are recommended to do so everyday.

Using sunscreen is a must have: Many people apply sunscreen for their face and body but do not apply sunscreen to the feet. It is a big mistake since your feet is also affected by the heat of the sun. Moreover, the nail should also be protected from the sun. Therefore, using sunscreen for your feet is a must during summer time to protect it from the UV. Sunscreen with SPF higher than 15 is recommended toprevent skin cancer and premature.

Let your foot breathe:It is suggested to take off your shoes a few time in a day in order your foot to breath. During summer month, you can wear open-toed shoes or sandals to boost the breath of the foot. However, footwear such as flip flop or sandals should have enough support. In addition, you should also take a break from nail polish at least once in a month. It can help you reduce chemical residue. Using nail polish for a long time can lead to discoloration.

Keep good hygiene on your shoes and socks: Your foot is more likely to be infected by fungus and odors when the weather is warm. Therefore, you should keep your shoes and socks clean and dry.

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