How To Stay Cool In Summer (Hot Weather) Naturally

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There is nothing as uncomfortable as trying to relax in hot weather. You know how it can be. We have all been there, and the experience is not what we would call, favorable.

So how do you keep cool in hot summer weather, naturally? In the following paragraphs, we provide a few tips to help you stay cool and comfortable during the scorching heat.

Avoid Direct Exposure

Of course, the simplest and most natural way of staying cool is avoiding direct exposure to the sun. You don’t always have to heed to beckoning and calls of summer activities when the temperatures are at their highest. But how do you do this?

Well, schedule all the critical activities at the appropriate time of the day. Early in the morning or late in the day is always ideal.

Choose the Appropriate Clothing

The kind of clothing you choose can add to the discomfort or help you keep cooler. Loose soft cotton or linen shirt and dress will readily absorb any sweat that your body produces. The clothing also allows smooth flow of air.

Stay away from synthetic clothing as it traps air and moisture which have an insulating effect – it becomes hard to lose heat and stay cool.

The choice of color also plays a critical role in staying cool. Depending on the t-shirt design and color, light colors such as white reflect sunlight and heat better than darker ones. A person wearing a black t-shirt feels hotter as the dark color tends to absorb heat – not quite ideal.

Go with shorts and short sleeve shirts for more skin exposure. They also allow free flow of air that takes away the heat from your body.

It’s also appropriate to wear wide-brimmed hats to protect your head and face from the direct exposure to the sun. Ideally, those hats that adequately cover your ears, the back of your neck and forehead are best. They provide the necessary shade to cover these areas.

But don’t forget about the undies and other forms of innerwear. They should preferably be cotton as it is absorbent.

Well, some people believe going all nude is the ideal way of dealing with heat. It may be true, but it’s best to leave the matter to personal preference. But be careful of sunburns should you decide this is the ideal route for you – we are not judging here.

Footwear and Other Accessories

Preferably, wear breathable footwear, but this heavily relies on the kind of activity you are doing. Factors such as arch support and comfort are important considerations, in addition to breathability. An individual going for a stroll at the beach cannot wear the same shoes as those on a hiking expedition – don’t we love the outdoors?

And regardless of your footwear choice, moisture wicking socks provide additional comfort to your feet. They absorb sweat and help keep cool.

Concerning other accessories such as rings, necklaces, and head scarfs, there is only one rule of the thumb; choose function over style. Always, fewer is better as it allows optimal skin exposure. More always traps moisture and air which does not help in keeping cool.

And if you keep long hair, tie it neatly behind so as not to block any flow of air to the neck and face – this is what we mean when we talk of function over style.

Cool Off

There are some ways that you can quickly bring your body temperature down. A cold shower works wonders by washing off any sticky sweat embedded to your body and bringing the body temperature down. Cold drinks are also refreshing and work against body heat, even though not as effective as cold showers.

Use comfortable bedding

During hot weather it’s very common to wake up in the middle of the night due to excess sweating or hot flashes. In this regard, a cooling pillow can be your great companion in summer months. It’ll not help you to stay cool but also provide you a healthy and uninterrupted sleep at night. Since you spend 8-10 hours on your bed it can be a wise decision to change your bedding set during this time. So, choose the right pillow that keep you cool.

Set your Bed Low

The hot air tends to go up, and it is a good idea to get as low as possible to beat this heat, but what do we mean? During those hot nights when the weather can’t seem to let you catch some valuable sleep, make your bed on the floor. Throw your travel mattress down and jump right on it and try to find some sleep, away from the rising heat.

Concrete floors are most of the time cooler than the rest of the house, and you will benefit by sharing this coolness.

Turn the Lights Off’

Well, this may not need a lot of explaining but bulbs give off heat in addition to the light. Yes, even the innovative LEDs and CFLs. Take advantage of the more extended daylight hours to keep the bulbs off as you use the natural light.

You will also make savings on power as you keep cool naturally. It is also a good idea to be romantic at this time with candles as you tell tales. There’s also the candlelit dinner the whole family can enjoy.

It also helps to unplug all devices as they give off a bit of heat energy when plugged.

Camping at Home

It is also a great idea to showcase your tent making skills during the hot summer nights. Take the necessary camping mattress and head for the roof or backyard. However, make sure where you are pitching a tent is safe – you don’t want waking up in the middle of the night to find animals or strangers sniffing around your tent.

Stay Hydrated

If there’s a time that you should drink lots of water, it is during the hot weather. Staying hydrated helps your body cool down, naturally. Whether its sports water or commercial water, drinking helps restore electrolytes, and lost vitamins.

But how do you know that your body is in dire need of hydration? Yes, apart from feeling thirsty and hot?

Your urine color is the best indicator of whether you need a few more glasses of water or not. If it is dark, then you should hydrate.

There’s usually a tendency to grab a soda or soft drink while at the beach. Typically, these beverages are not ideal. They contain a significant amount of sugar that negatively affects your body’s ability to store water.

Other types of diuretics that you should avoid include coffee, alcohol and other caffeinated drinks.

But you shouldn’t wait to get thirsty. Waiting long, especially in the scorching heat may lead to heat-related complications such as cramping. Take the recommended eight glasses a day or set targets every single day, and you will be alright.

Choosing the Right Foods

It is common for most people to consume fast foods regardless of the weather. However, that pack of French fries or burger will not help you get cool. If anything, it will only add heat to your body, and this is never what you want.

The best foods to help keep cool include vegetables, fresh raw foods, salads, and fruits. Avoid proteins such as a stake as they enhance your body’s metabolic action leading to the generation of heat and subsequent loss of water.

It may seem untrue but eating spicy food aids in cooling off – forget the getting hot expression associated with chili. Pepper makes you sweat which causes your body to cool off.

Also, the quantity of food is a significant factor as to whether you can cool off or not. Large portions push your body to work harder at breaking it down, and hence more heat.

Staying in the Shade

Tree shades are the coolest and most comfortable of shades you will find. But, why so?

Trees release some moisture into the air which plays a role in absorbing the heat around it. Shades also have the benefit of preventing direct exposure when outdoors. Well, chances of catching a cool breeze are high when under a shade.

Tree shade, not only makes you feel cooler, but you benefit from the freshest of air – which helps in keeping cool. From your elementary science, trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen which means you will be getting a direct exchange of gases.

Splashing Water on Skin

You will often see footballers and other athletes splash water on their bodies, but your guess is as good as mine why they do this. Having water on your skin always has a cooling effect and is apparently one of the simplest ways of staying cool.

When it’s scalding hot all around you, jumping into the swimming pool or pond definitely feels refreshing and allows you to take a break from the uncomfortable heat.

But summertime is ideal for having fun with water games. Squirt gun games and playing around sprinklers not only helps keep cool, but it also brings you closer as a family

Final Word

Staying cool during hot summer months doesn’t have to be a difficult thing or expensive. Simple activities such as wearing the right kind of clothing, food choices and staying in the shade make a lot of difference. But despite the method you choose, always wear sunscreen when outdoors to protect your skin from sunburns.

Summertime should be full of fun. Go out there and have some fun as you keep cool, naturally.


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