How to Start Your Weight Loss Program and Stick to it

Many people are very enthusiast at the start of their diet or weight loss plan. After few days or weeks, things started to fail. You gained weight and back to the old habits.

With all the convenience and technologies, losing weight should be easy. However, this is not the truth. To produce real result you need to exert effort and time to see lasting result. There is no such thing as losing weight fast.


Realistic Expectations

When planning for your weight loss program or starting a diet, setting realistic expectations is important. Realistic expectations will prevent you from unnecessary disappointment and help you focus on what is important.

For example, after exercising for three days, do not expect your weight to drop significantly.

Assess Your Eating Personality

Just because everybody is doing a certain diet, doesn’t mean it will be effective for you. You need to understand your eating habits and food preferences before joining the bandwagon of diet culture.

Are you an impulsive eater? Are you highly anxious and eat when you are under stress? Do you prefer desserts rather than heavy meals? By understanding your eating personality, planning a weight loss program will be achievable.

Commit to Exercise


Losing weight is not just about restricting your calorie intake. Developing healthy behaviors such as exe

Whether taking a walk or doing workouts at home, what is important is to have good physical activities that will pump your heart, promotes circulation and burn excess unused calories in the body. Exercising is part of the process. You need to commit to spend even 30 minutes daily to exercise.

Track Your Progress

Planning is useless without evaluation. Tracking your progress is important to help you focus and improve. Assess your program every day and note it down on your health or weight loss journal. Keeping track of your progress or failure only leads to better determination and enthusiasm.Journal

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