How to Stand Properly on Bathroom Scale


Got a bathroom weighing scale back at home? Planning on buying a bathroom weighing scale? Are you on a weight gain or weight loss program? Well, with your weighing scale you are definitely on the right track! But do you know how to use a weighing scale properly? Do you know how to get the right readings? How about how to stand properly on the scale? We have all the answers for you but, first let’s look at how to stand properly on a bathroom weighing scale.

What to Do Before:

Before standing on your best bathroom scale, there are a couple of things that you must do right. They play a very integral role in getting the correct readings and will go a long way on how well your scale is used over the years. They include the following.

I. Check the Scale’s Accuracy

It is very important to find out that the scale that you are using is actually performing properly. It is not faulty and that the reading you get is accurate. This is very important especially for tracking your weight program results and milestones. Here is how to check if your scale is accurate.

Zeroing Scale

You can zero on your scale. Do this by adjusting the analog or digital button. The button is usually set under the scale in most scales. This will ensure a ‘zero’ scale’s reading before any weight is placed on it.

Test Known Object

A known object has an already known weight.  Because of this, you have a rough idea what it weighs. By placing it on the weighing scale and getting a different reading, the scale might just be faulty! The same reading shows an accurate scale.

Measure One Object Several Times

If you measure one same object countless times on the same scale the reading should remain exactly the same. If it is not consistent the weighing scale is faulty. If it remains the same the scale is very correct.

II. Put the Scale in Flat Place

A scale should be used on a flat strong surface. A concrete or wooden surface is ideal. Just make sure it is flat. The reason this is important is simple. It will help the weight to spread evenly when you use the scale and thus leave you with the right reading. The scale will also sit well around its four corners.

How to Stand on a Scale

If you want to stand on a bathroom scale properly here are the basic tips that you keep in mind once done with the other considerations.

  • Make sure you have no extra weights in your pocket (Stay naked if possible).
  • Step on the scale lightly and step out, this allows you to see if the scale in on “zero”
  • Step onto the scale lightly.
  • Make sure your weight is evenly spread by stepping on the right areas on the scale.
  • Don’t move or jitter. Remain calm until the reading rests on a specific figure.

With this done, you should have the right reading. You will have also stood well on your scale too. If you want to know more about bathroom scale you can simply click the toilet rated to visit the website.


Having the right stance on your bathroom scale is really simple. All you need to know is what has been stated above and you are good to go.

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