How to Slim and Tone Your Legs

slim and tone your legs

Some people are not that satisfied with how their legs look like. If you wish to have slimmer legs, read on. Slimming and toning your legs is not as hard as you think. Of course it’s not easy as instant as well. You will need to do some work and exert effort to achieve well-toned legs. There are several exercises that you can do to help you with this. But of course, it is not enough to know these exercises. You should know how to do it correctly so you could hit the appropriate areas. Do the following exercises and feel free to combine them to achieve better results.

  • Lunges. Stand with your other feet in front of the other. Secure the position of your back. Your back should remain straight as you bend both your knees. If your left leg is the one in front, bend it at about 90 degrees and bend your right leg as well. Let your right knee rest a few inches above the ground. Using your left leg, go back to standing position. Do this 4 times with 15 repetitions each set. Take a 10 to 15 seconds break after each set then do this again with your right leg. Try to perform this exercise at least three days a week.
  • Step it up. If you will be doing this exercise for the first time, use a bench that is 12 inches high. As you progress, you may increase the height of the step to make it more challenging. Step up on the bench at a slow steady pace. As you go along, you may do it a little bit faster. This is not only good for your legs, it is also an effective cardio exercise. Do this at least two times a week.
  • Swim. When you move on the water, there is a natural resistance that makes you use your muscles which if done regularly, it would tone different areas of the body. When you are dipped in a pool, swim as you focus on using your legs by kicking. Do this exercise for 30 minutes to achieve the best results.
  • Cycle. This is the best way to slim and tone your legs because cycling uses all your leg muscles. You can use a stationary bike. Switch the modes from flat terrain to hill intervals. This will allow the different muscle groups in your legs to be exercised. If you prefer to cycle outdoors, choose an area that has variations of moderate to steep inclines. The best location is in hiking paths and other nature trails. To make it more fun, cycle with your family or friends. Beginners can cycle two days a week while experienced cyclists could do it in four days.
  • Walking. At a slow and steady pace, walk on a flat surface for 30 minutes everyday. This is not only a good leg exercise; it will also help you keep your heart healthy as it is among the best cardio exercises.

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