How to Select a Safe And Trusted Private Hospital


Although a National Health Service (NHS) hospital can administer medical treatment in Northern Ireland, a private hospital is fast becoming the first choice of many patients. Just like when searching for a private dentist, it is important that a private hospital is very safe and can provide a high quality level of healthcare. Here’s what to consider when looking for a private hospital that can give you the safety state you need to feel in a hard moment.


A private hospital normally has facts about how many of its patients caught MRSA. MRSA is a very serious problem in hospitals and can increase how long someone spends there. The private hospitals which are consulted should be asked about their MRSA record and their success rate in treating it.

Cleanliness record

Every private hospital is monitored by the Care Quality Commission. Information about a hospital’s MRSA rate and other infections can be provided by the Care Quality Commission. The health record of private hospitals is typically better than those that are run by the NHS. If this information cannot be acquired from the Care Quality Commission, a private hospital normally has it on their website. When a private hospital has a very good cleanliness record, such information is typically on their homepage. It could also be detailed in a Press Release which is online. Data about a private hospital’s cleanliness record can highlight common infections and ones which are very deadly, such as E. Coli.


Just like other privately-owned businesses, a private hospital can be reviewed by former patients. By searching online for such opinions, an overall assessment of a private hospital can be gained.


After a long operation, the food which is served to patients in private hospitals can help with their recuperation. Many NHS hospitals have been criticised for the quality of the food which has been served to patients. A private hospital can have menus on their website of patient’s meals; their nutritional value is also evident. Information about where meals are prepared can be on a private hospital’s website. When meals are prepared on-site, they will be very fresh.

Ask a GP

A General Practitioner can suggest hospitals to their patients where treatment can be carried out at. A GP can suggest both private and NHS hospitals. Consequently, patients can make their final decision based on the suggestions which their GP have given them.


A private hospital typically has information about its diagnostic equipment on its website. If not, contact them and ask what equipment they have. When a patient is unsure if a hospital has the relevant equipment which can be used for carrying out their treatment, they can ask their GP. This is because they might be aware if a particular hospital is capable of completing treatment because it has the necessary equipment. If a GP is not aware and the information about such equipment is not on their website, choose another private hospital which is able to confirm that it has the relevant apparatus to carry out treatment.

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