How to Reverse the Effects of Smoking

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Many people have health problems because of their smoking habit, including cancers, COPDs, loss of fertility, reduced taste and smell, gum disease, liver and kidney problems and many other issues.

The effects on the body from smoking can be severe, and 99% of all lung cancer sufferers are or have been smokers.

After one day of not smoking, you will feel like you can breathe slightly easier. Although your cravings might be strong, you can resist them by using products like nicotine gums, patches or the electronic cigarette. These can help you beat those withdrawal symptoms and stay on track.

Within a week of not smoking, your lungs will be clearer and you may feel that you have more energy than normal. With continual support from friends and family, you can stay on track and keep your streak of non smoking going.

Within a month of not smoking your cravings may have deferred but your body will really be benefiting from the lack of cigarettes. The lungs will be clearing and you can probably smell and taste things more clearly than before. Your clothes and hair won’t smell of cigarettes, either.

Your cravings might make you irritable but with help from the nicotine replacement products such as patches or e cigarettes, you can gradually take your time to wean yourself off of the nicotine without going back to smoking regular cigarettes.

Within one year of not smoking your cravings will be gone and you will be much healthier in yourself. Your lungs would have cleared of the tar which would have built up from the smoking, your skin will look and feel better and healthier, your gum disease will have improved and your general energy would have dramatically increased. You will probably find you have more money at the end of each month as well!

For heavy smokers who have smoked most of their lives, it takes fifteen years to reverse the effects of smoking completely. This includes any damage to organs such as the lungs, kidneys or liver. Your life expectancy would have also improved and keeping smoke free for this long is a great success.

You should be very proud of yourself if you are on route to giving up for this amount of time, as the body will recover and you will have a greater sense of life and health.

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