How To Recover From Arch Pain Naturally


Foot problems have grown by leaps and bounds during the last few years. According to a recent podiatry study, 19% of the population in U.S. has at least one major foot problem each year. Individuals are also getting prone to foot conditions at a much younger age.

Among the most common undesirable foot conditions is arch pain caused by plantar fasciitis. This happens when the ligament supporting the arch known as plantar fascia is placed under extra stress. The pain aggravates when you try to walk after long periods of sitting because the ligament becomes weak.

If you’ve been suffering from arch pain for a while now, here are some natural remedies you can consider for recovery:

1. Take a good look at your shoes

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons blamed bad shoes for 90 percent of all the feet problems. Shoes that come with inadequate support for the feet shape and weight of the person lead to this condition.

When considering a pair of shoes, make sure that your toes can be wiggled freely inside it. You should also be able to place your little finger in between the shoe’s back and heal.

Foot orthotics are also a viable option for creating a balanced foundation while wearing shoes and they can be customized for casual shoes, high heels, sports shoes and almost every type of shoe that exists.

2. Exercise

Just as you exercise other parts of the body in order to maintain their health and flexibility, your feet needs exercise as well. While you may be able to provide your feet with good exercise by walking in a balanced foundation and stable environment, there are specific foot exercises that you can carry out.

One of the exercises you can do is to take a golf ball, take off your shoes, place one of the foot on the ball and roll the ball using the foot only. Do the same with the other foot. This exercise should be performed while sitting down because there’s a possibility of unconsciously standing on the ball if this exercise is performed while standing.

You can also carry out stretching exercises. An easy way to perform a stretch is to raise your feet in the air while sitting and try to get them as straight as an arrow. Do this one by one for each feet and repeat for 5 to 7 minutes.

3. Reduce inflammation

Inflammation is responsible for most types of body pains, whether it’s your wrists or feet, and reducing inflammation levels may very well get you relief from arch pain. Focusing on your diet is the best way to reduce inflammation.

Incorporate anti-inflammatory foods and natural supplements in your eating plan. You can start taking omega-3 fatty acids because they work as anti-inflammatory agents and can reduce the pain.

4. Foot massage

This is perhaps the best way to relax your feet and relieve pain. Ask your partner or a close friend to do this for you with a moisturizing lotion or a natural pain reliving oil or you can just give your feet a good old DIY massage. Use light strokes and massage with circular motions for most of the feet. Deep strokes should only be used alongside the arches.

If you have some budget to spend on recovering from foot pain, a professional massage can work very well in eliminating arch discomfort.

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