How To Raise Your Mood

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Human mood is very complex and mysterious. Our mood is affected by so many things that it is almost impossible to list them out. However, also there are things that in a surprising manner can restore a smile on your face and chase away the gloomy mood.

Smart shopping

It is said that money can not buy happiness, but there is a trick. It is that you do not spend money on material things, but on the fun with the loved ones. Research conducted in the USA found that people who spent their money on entertainment, like going to the theatre or going to a restaurant for dinner, a lot happier than the people who bought a new pair of shoes or LCD TV screen as half a tennis court. Of course, you have to be moderate in everything you do.

Do a good thing

Various studies show that people who volunteer are happier and more satisfied with their lives than those who do not, no matter how much they earn. Scientists believe that volunteering enhances empathy which leads to higher evaluation of the good things in life. Donate old clothes, participate in fund-raising events or donate blood if you can.

Comb through old photographs

In those moments when you feel out of sorts remove dust from the photo-album and remember the good old days and how fun it was back then. British scientists have carried out a research that matters most impact on improving mood. Watching images raised by 11 percent the mood of the volunteers. By comparison, television viewing and alcohol raised the mood of the volunteers for a measly 1 percent.

Spend time with family

Hanging out with family is good for repairing a bad mood. Specifically, in one research 39 percent of respondents said that spending time with children and spouses in the evening is the most relaxing for them.

Start to move

Exercise and sport or any physical activity not only contributes to your health. It also improves mood. In fact, during physical exertion brain secretes endorphin – the so called hormone of happiness, but  in humans also occurs sophisticated needs for success and be the best, and when we reach our goals we feel proud and happy. The best effect on mood gives exercise outdoors in nature.


Kissing is not just romantic or a prelude to sex. A kiss can make your day. When kissing your body is flooded with dopamine, which stimulates the same area of ??the brain as cocaine. If you need another reason to kiss a loved one, then keep in mind that studies have found that kissing lowers cholesterol levels.
Sing in the bath

If your family members ever demanded you to stop singing in the shower, do not even listen to them! There are studies that say that singing has a positive effect on mood. But that’s not all, because there is a bonus: singing strengthens the immune system, at least that shows a study conducted in Germany.

Enjoy the moment

All of the above tips require a conscious and calculated action, but sometimes you need to enjoy the day time, to relax without detailed analysis and weighing the decision. Listen to your favourite music and do not be afraid to dance or sing, get lost in a good book, find a hobby that will keep you entertained.

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