How to Prevent Hair Loss and Dandruff

Best Vitamins For Hair Fall Control

A lot of people suffer from hair loss or dandruff. It is believed that these problems can occur due to genetics, weather condition, sensitive skin, stress.. However, there is a way to change something and improve the appearance of your hair.

1.To prevent hair loss one should follow a diet that includes a lot of raw foods that are rich in vitamins, enzymes, auxins (organic substances that act on cell growth), and wheat germ.

2. For beautiful and healthy hair drink the juice from young barley, in doses 3 x 50 ml per day.
3. Wash your hair with a natural ‘shampoo‘ which you have prepared yourself.
Needed: A young nettle (root) 20g, burdock (root) 20g.

Boil the roots of young nettle and burdock during 10 minutes in 1 litre of water. Strain and wash the hair. After that, rub the hairy skin of the head with the earlier prepared mixture. Leave it in a bottle the following mixture for 10-14 days with daily agitation: 100g of burdock root, 50g of nettles, 50g of birch buds, 200 ml of alcohol (40/70%). Then strain the liquid and massage with it the scalp. This type of massage combats dandruff.

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