How to Prevent Ankle Injury using right pairs of Basketball Shoes

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According to research and from sports related injury statistics; the factors that will help in protecting your ankle while considering the purchase of ankle protective basketball shoes are a good heel counter in the shoes and ankle support in cases where there is a pronounced weakness or past injury to the ankle . Let’s elaborate further; playing any sports at any time can make you prone to any injury. The most common type of injuries in basketball is injuries to the ankle which can be devastating as it has ended careers of many professional basketball players; a fine example is Allen Iverson. To help with prevention of ankle injuries let us look into the primary options available in terms of basketball shoes and the various ways in which they can provide protection against ankle injuries. The two primary variations of basketball shoes are high-tops and low tops. Let’s look into the advantages of both these kinds of basketball shoes.

High Tops:

In the world of basketball, players are coached to make abrupt cuts and harsh changes in direction during offense and defense; therefore there is a lot of running and jumping. These high-impact movements defined by running and jumping on hardwood floors, place great stress on the ankles. However, high-tops provide the extra support around your ankle and it has been the choice for mainstream players. More material around the ankles mean more protection and cushioning of the ankle but wearing high tops also means it is heavier and it is worn at the cost of loss of speed or movement which can affect the game play. Moreover; around 70% of mainstream players are wearing high tops mainly because of their height and weight as these athletes are usually very tall and heavy and the extra cushion from the high tops is preferred as some of the athletes have weak ankles or frequently rolls their ankles.

Low Tops:

Despite offering less ankle support than high tops, low top sneakers offer some really enticing benefits to players which is why they are quite popular on the court today. Because these shoes are low top in nature they are lighter than standard high top shoes; sometimes even twenty percent lighter. Owing to this; a player’s stamina may be enhanced due to less energy exerted during game play. Low top basketball shoes do come with excellent heel counter that prevents ankle injury so if you choose the right kind; you can still enjoy ankle protection.


Overall the higher topped shoes provide better support for the ankles; however this not to say that you cannot play in low top sneakers without ankle injuries. If you value padded support for your foot and ankles, then a high top shoe is the right one for you.  If you value light weight shoes with extra heel counter, then an appropriate low top shoe is the best bet for your needs. In addition to basketball shoes; there are other factors that can also help in preventing ankle injury such as a proper warm-up before the and after the match.

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