How to Pick an Online Personal Trainer

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Even though the benefits of proper nutrition and regular exercise are well-known, statistics show that less than 5 per cent of the population engages in any form of physical activity on a daily basis. Only every third person is believed to move enough each week.

If you are a member of the majority who are not fond of three-hour workouts, fear not. The benefits of exercise can be enjoyed by anybody, irrespective of workout length and intensity. It turns out a couple of hours per week are more than enough to achieve the desired results. If you know how to approach and tackle the situation, of course. If not, hiring a personal trainer to supervise and guide your progress is necessary. You can find a step-by step guide on how to do so at Since we are all busy, however, online training consultations are an awesome idea and are becoming more and more popular these days. You just need to follow a few tips to find the most suitable online coach for yourself.

Set A Goal

The first thing to do when hiring someone to help you achieve your fitness goals is to determine what these goals actually are. Do you just want to lose a few extra pounds, or is there some form of strength training that you also would like to include?

Why do that? Because it’s better to work with someone whose main focus is your intended result. If you want to slim down, hire someone who will create an appropriate diet to go with your fitness plan. If you are going to run a marathon, find the expert who prepares athletes for this kind of activity.

Personality Matters Too

A very important thing to consider when interviewing a prospective personal coach is how much your individual personalities will make it easy or difficult to work together. Caliber advise that you might have come across the best expert available in their specific field, but if the personal connection is lacking it is difficult to foresee a positive outcome of the interaction.

Hire a trainer who knows how to push your buttons and motivates you to achieve every goal. Also, make sure you find out why they chose to become a fitness coach and what their personal story and path is. This will give you a lot of hints as to whether you can be a good team or not.

Make Sure They Are Qualified

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With so many fitness coaching sites that have appeared on the internet, there is always the danger of coming across poorly trained and unqualified people who might give you potentially dangerous health and fitness advice. This is actually much more common than you would expect, so carefully do your “homework” at researching your future personal trainer.

The first and obvious thing is to ask for their certification. A reputable website will always put up this background information about their staff, so it should be readily available for everyone to see. You can find a great article on how to spot the bad type of personal trainers here. A qualified coach will be willing to answer all your questions, so you can rest assured you are in expert hands. Take a tour of the site to see if it’s easy to navigate and whether you can get a hold of a sample workout that will tell you what to expect if you sign up. There should also be easy means of communication with the trainer, if you need to discuss your personal plan or express possible concerns.

A Word on Price

Last but not least, inform yourself about prices. While face-to-face fitness training sessions usually cost from around 40 to 100 dollars, you should be able to find online consultations and workouts for a fraction of this price. You will often pay a monthly fee to use a site, or for a specific personalized plan and nutritional regime that will be created for you on the basis of an interview. As with everything, options vary.

Having said that, try not to use pricing as the sole reason to pick or not to pick a certain trainer. Proper exercise and nutrition are an investment in your health, so you should choose your personal coach on the basis of how suitable they are for helping you achieve your goal, and whether your personalities will match for a positive interaction. This will ensure your success.

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