How to Not Let Neuropathy Slow You Down


Having neuropathy of any kind can be a real downer, especially if it is a diabetes-related form of neuropathy, many people who suffer from diabetic neuropathy often face a lot of difficulty in remaining physically active, mostly because of the fact that they become really cautious about their well-being. Fortunately, physical activity can actually help patients regulate their sugar levels and have a positive effect on their overall health. One can easily maintain a healthy and active lifestyle with neuropathy as long as they get help from the right people and involve their doctor/physician in their daily routine.

In order to keep yourself healthy and active, the first thing that you need to do is communicate with your doctor and healthcare personnel to notify them of the fact that you wish to follow a certain exercise routine. Informing your health care team of your exercise routine is important since they can help you optimize the routine and make sure that it does not have any adverse effects on your neuropathic condition. Since neuropathy is a pretty tricky sort of affliction, one can easily aggravate their condition with the wrong kind of exercise routine, this is why it is important to consult your healthcare team and doctor before actually beginning the exercise.

Along with choosing an exercise routine that is safe, you should also pick a kind of exercise routine that can be easily integrated into your lifestyle. The Foundation of Peripheral Neuropathy (FPN) has stated that regular low impact exercise can significantly reduce neuropathy related pains, cardio and strength training are also recommended in order to help increase and maintain healthy blood flow and keep one’s strength from diminishing.

The easiest way to do cardio is to go out on a jog or fast-paced walking, these high-impact activities can be painful for many people with neuropathy, if you cannot withstand them then you can opt for something less-impactful such as swimming or regular cycling on a stationary bike or an elliptical machine. Exercise can be painful in the start so you should keep your routine light and remain patient, the pain will fade away as your strength builds up. If you are elderly or have balancing issues then your health care team will also assign balancing exercises that will help you stay on your feet and keep you safe from falling injuries.

People suffering from neuropathy often feel like that the only way to manage their pain is by taking pain medication that can have negative effects on their health, but this is not the only option that they are limited to. There are numerous studies that provide evidence of regular and controlled exercise greatly helping in reducing neuropathic pain, it can have long-lasting benefits on one’s health and even help patients in improving their lifestyle in less severe cases.

Cardio and balancing exercises are important for promoting a healthy lifestyle, strength building exercises are also recommended to ensure that one can minimize the chances of muscle damage.

One of the biggest reasons why people with neuropathy face a steady decline in their overall lifestyle is because of the fact that they do not know how to manage their condition, many people believe that physical activity can actually worsen the condition. This is why one should involve their health care team and doctor into their lifestyle as much as possible, you can also find help on the internet through sources such as the Neuropathy Relief Guide. You can visit Neuropathy Relief Guide to learn more about your condition and what kind of changes you can make in your lifestyle to make coping with your problem as easy as possible.

Remember, when it comes to illnesses that cannot be cured, one should not lose hope and let their ailment take control over their lives, instead, you should make certain changes to your routine so that your condition can be managed and does not cause major disruptions to your life. Also, staying in touch with your doctor can really make a difference, cooperate with them and follow their advice in order to improve and maintain your standard of living.

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