How to Naturally Heal Bruises with Home Remedies

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As you may know, bruises usually go away on their own and are not too much of a nuisance if you ignore them – as in not touching them, especially soon after they are formed.

However, bruises can appear everywhere on your body. For example, we may simply wake up with a bruised leg or knee, without knowing how it happened. In this case, we’ll simply let the bruise go away on its own.

On the other hand, we may not pay attention to our surroundings and end up with a bruise on our face, hands, or neck. In some more severe cases, a bruise may also come with legal advice from a domestic violence lawyer.

In such circumstances, we’ll want our bruises to heal faster. Therefore, in today’s article, we’ll tell you some of the ways with which you can heal your bruises naturally, with the help of home remedies.

Ice Effect

The easiest way to heal – and prevent – bruises is to apply ice on them right after the injury. Doing so will reduce the blood flow around the bruised area, while the blood vessels will get cooler and reduce the amount of blood leaking into the surrounding tissue.

Ice will make the bruise harder to notice and will also reduce swelling. You should keep ice on the bruise for a maximum of ten minutes at a time. Wait for 20 minutes between applications.


A homeopathic herb believed to reduce swelling and inflammation; arnica is considered the ideal treatment for bruises. A study has shown that arnica ointment managed to reduce bruising that was induced by laser.

Arnica usually comes in the form of a gel that you can use several times a day. You can apply it on the bruise or take it orally, depending on the form it comes in.

Aloe Vera

Seemingly, Aloe Vera is good for everything that causes pain or discomfort! The plant reduces inflammation and pain, while also soothing and softening the skin.

However, you must make sure that you use only pure Aloe Vera gels. Namely,, products that do not have any sort of additives.


This fruit contains a mixture of enzymes called bromelain, which reduce inflammation, as well as the severity of a bruise.

You can either enjoy some pineapple – by eating it – or take bromelain supplements. In case you don’t like the tropical fruit, you could also apply it as a cream on the bruised area.


Comfrey is a plant known to treat inflammation and skin ailments. It can also be found as a cream, which is believed to have healing powers – powers that can treat bruises.

People who have applied comfrey cream on their bruise, twice a day, state that their injury has improved faster than usual.

The Bottom Line

As expected, almost any type of injury can be healed with home remedies. In fact, any rash, swelling, mild pain, or such can be treated with nothing else but natural ingredients and remedies that we have available in our home.

Therefore, before running to the doctor and getting some pills recommended, you should check your kitchen – or your fridge – as you may be able to avoid leaving your home to treat your bruises!

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