How to Manage a Concussion


Many people in the city of San Diego suffer from concussions every day. You should visit a San Diego concussion specialist if you get a concussion in the area.

A concussion is an injury caused by blunt force trauma to the brain. During a concussion, the brain hits the skull leading to the straining of brain tissues.

The symptoms of concussion range widely, so it may be challenging to know if you have a concussion.  They include loss of consciousness, dizziness, vertigo, headaches, poor balance, and blurred vision, among others.

You should see a specialist immediately if you experience such symptoms after a knock to the head. However, there is much you can do to manage a concussion, including:

Reducing Screen Time

We live in a world full of screens, and it has upsides and downsides. The bright lights produced by various screens coupled with the strain of focusing on them when you have a concussion can make the condition worse.

Therefore, when recovering from a concussion, you should severely limit your amount of screen time. If you can, you should avoid looking at a screen entirely for at least seven days.

Avoid Bright Lights and Loud Sounds

One of the symptoms of a concussion is increased sensitivity to light and sound. Therefore, exposure to bright lights and loud sounds will exacerbate the condition.

If you have flashing lights or bright fluorescent lights in your home, you should dim or remove them during recovery from a concussion. You may also draw your blinds and wear sunglasses whenever you have to go outside.

Avoid loud music or noises and keep your home quiet if you have a concussion. It will also be a good idea to avoid large crowds during your recovery period.

Drink Water

There is evidence that dehydration makes you more prone to concussion and makes the symptoms of concussion worse. Staying hydrated is essential for proper health, but it is particularly important when recovering from a concussion.

Your brain needs water to function optimally, so being dehydrated significantly affects cognitive functions. The more water your brain receives, the better it can work to recover from a concussion.

Keep Your Head Still

When recovering from a concussion, it is best to keep your head and neck still. It would be best to avoid moving your head and neck at all costs as the movement may affect your brain and make your symptoms worse.

If you have to get a neck brace to ensure you don’t jolt your neck around, you should do it. However, remaining completely still for a week might be impossible, so you should simply try and minimize movement.


The most crucial factor to help you recover from a concussion is rest. After experiencing blunt force trauma, your head needs a lot of rest for it to settle and heal.

Your brain and body need rest after a concussion as both will not function optimally after a concussion.

You should avoid any strenuous activities like exercise or sex completely until at least a week after the injury. You should then gradually progress from mild activities to vigorous ones, as directed by your doctor.

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