How to make your workout more interesting: Complete Overview

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Most of us when we go to work out can be very motivated going into the day’s activities, or there are days when we just want it to be over. On those days we might look for excuses to skip that day, but when we do, we probably feel guilty because we know that little twinge in the calf wasn’t enough to cancel the workout. Finding ways to keep us motivated on a daily basis will make things a lot easier, and perhaps it’s a matter of finding ways to make them more fun.

Therefore, for both experts and beginner workout schedule, the following are some ways that you may put fun into fitness:

Do it with a friend.

There are many ways to make a workout more interesting. Having a workout partner is effective as is adding the element of competition to your program. And of course, you can change your activity until you find one that you do find interesting. If that person is as committed as you are, you won’t want to let them down by being the one not to show up, and your friend probably won’t either. There probably isn’t a single motivating factor more important than not wanting to let someone else down.

Write your accomplishments down.

We love to keep statistics on some different things, so why not chart your fitness accomplishments? It will be fun to see your numbers on your times or maximum lifts go up, and soon you will look forward to marking down your latest accomplishment.

Read or listen to audiobooks.

There are virtually hundreds of free podcasts available, and there is certain to be several on topics you love. Then when you are exercising you will be at the same time getting into some interesting topic, and the time will fly by. You can also listen to your favorite music but make sure to use the best wireless earbuds in order to protect your hearing.

Having Group classes.

I have found groups to be interesting ways of meeting people, as you sort of form a bond with others as you work through what sometimes can become an ordeal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a coffee klatch, and most instructors will not accept a great deal of socializing. But before and especially after a group session is okay for some bonding.

Vary your routine.

It will not only keep you from getting bored but will give various muscle groups a chance to get involved in your workout. Mix in yoga or a Pilate’s class with your cardio work, and then do strength training a different day. It will be giving your body a different experience every day.

Start with simple breathing exercise

At the start of your workout begin by wakening the body through a simple breathing exercise. Sit on a chair or the floor with your spine straight. Keep your eyes closed and breathe deeply. Hold for four counts. Release your breath slowly. Again, inhale deeply and hold. Repeat this exercise ten times. Most of us think of exercise as being as an only means to an end. Workouts do not have to be a boring regime of unlimited minutes we approach with resentment and dread. The mind works best when the body is in motion, and exercising is an excellent time to give both an adequate workout.

Include stretching in your workouts

Once you have restored your energy balance through breathing, move on to stress-reducing warm-up stretches to relax and energize the body. Not enough can be said about the importance of stretching. Neck rolls, side stretching, shoulder stretching and numerous other soothing stretches not only relax your body, but they ground you mentally and physically leaving you more aware of being in the moment. That feeling of being in control, and your mind and body is as one, is the most wonderful peaceful feeling that you’ll want to sustain while you’re putting your body through the paces during the rest of your workout.

Try visualization

During most aerobic activities you can allow your imagination to run wild. If you want to solve a dilemma, plan something for the future, or just enjoy a stream of consciousness, a workout is the best place to stimulate your mind. You forget about the repetitiveness of the exercise, and you let your creative process do what it was meant to.

Keep your mind engaged by meditating

Before a workout, choose a question, a situation, or an issue to meditate on during your workout. When your body is in motion, you may find yourself straying from your chosen reflection. Gently bring your mind back into focus. By the end of your program, you’ll have enough new thoughts to inspire change. Always remember that fitness is a gift you are giving yourself. Treat that gift as a privilege rather than a burden. Take the time to get into your workout, and at the core of your experience, you will find endless pleasure.

Finally, learn to relax.

At the end of a workout, give yourself ten minutes to reward yourself for a job well done. This is YOUR time; no phones, no commitments, just you and a bottle of water and perhaps some light talk with a person who likes you have just gone through the rigors of a tough workout.

When preparing for your workouts, there three key ideas to consider. First, have a regular place to work out. Being in familiar surroundings that you enjoy to be in will help you to relax and to concentrate. Second, wear comfortable clothes you only wear for your workouts. It’s the same as using china on special occasions. The more meaning you put into the experience, the more you’ll gain from it. And finally, have all the equipment you may need ready to use so you won’t have to be interrupted during your workout.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that your workout is interesting; this motivates you to keep on without losing hope. Develop new routines and fresh challenges that make working out fun. Using a trainer for physical fitness programs is another option, and we have some great information on our website to help you on how to choose a coach. But regardless what you do, always look for ways to make it fun.

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