How to Make your Hair Grow Faster

hair grow faster

Hello guys, in this article I am going to respond to one of the most frequently asked question: how to make your hair grow faster? Well, in order to make your hair grow faster you must keep it healthy and in good condition. The tips I am going to tell you about are pretty basic, and most probably you heard some of them before, but I insist on remind them because they are extremely important.

Keep your ends trimmed. If you are thinking that your hair looks right, except for the ends that look dry or split, you need to get a regular trim. I know you want to have really long hair and the idea of cutting your hair sounds like keeping it from growing, but on the only run, trimming your ends periodically will actually help hair growth and health. This will also make your hair look and feel very healthy from root to tip. Another thing you can do to prevent split ends and avoid (or postpone) trimming is to moisture your hair regularly.

Keep coloring to a minimum. Hair dye is not good from your hair, especially if you use lot of them. I like to dye my hair and in order to keep the damage on my hair to a minimum I use semi-permanent hair dye, some this is something to think about before you decide to color your hair.

Avoid heating tools. I am not a big fan of blow-dryers, I use to wash my hair one hour before I go to sleep and air-dry my hair. For some reason, if I have to use blow dryers I use the cold setting. Less heath styling tools like flat iron or curling iron is better. These procedures can do a lot of damage to your hair. So, if you take out of your routine as much heat styling as you can, you are helping your hair a lot.

Use a deep conditioner. Conditioners really help bring your hair back on the right track if you are having problems. I use conditioner on my hair once a week, I just put on the length of hair in and leave it for like 3 minutes or so and then I wash it off. In the summer time you can skip conditioning in some weeks but in the winter when the air is dry I recommend using it religiously.

Heat defense sprays. There are great products that can be used before you use any heat styling on your hair, like flat iron or curling iron. There products sort of have two benefits: the first one is obviously protecting your hair from heat but they are also help lock in the style a little bit better. You will find on the market products that are recommended before using flat iron or curling iron, but from what I have been experienced so far they are inter-exchangeable. Before we move on to the next tip I believe you should know how fast hair grows. This is important to know because you can have a reference point to compare your actual growth rate with.

Stay in good health. The last and most important tip I would like to share with you is to keep yourself in good health. If you are healthy your hair will be healthy as well. Remember to eat healthy, lots of fruits and vegetables, dink a lot of water and sleep well. If you feel like you are not getting all the vitamins you need from the food you can take a biotin based supplement which is great for both hair and nails. Also, stress is a big factor that can affect your hair in a bad way. Try to avoid being stressed as much as possible. Thank you for reading, I hope this has been informative and if you have any questions or comments please leave them bellow.

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