How to Make the Fall Fashion Trends Work for You

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When new fashion hits the runways each season, I can usually be found salivating over the latest crop of hot new clothes and accessories that are supposedly “in”. While I’d love to be able to wear everything (well, some of the time!), it’s just not a reality — certain styles just don’t look good on certain women.

There’s good news, though — you don’t have to wear every trend that hits the streets this season! But, if you’re a little curious and want to try the new trends, here are a few ways to make some of these fashion staples work for you.

Fall Fashion Colors

Rich purples and gorgeous grays are two of the hottest colors this season. Inject a little splash into any fall outfit with a purple vest or gray fedora. Other colors that are in this season include golds, deep chocolate browns, sapphire, and maroon.

Pick a style that you know looks good on you and work it in one of these hot fall colors. Just a dash of personality is all you’ll need!

Coats are a Classic

While your basic fall/winter coat is a fashion classic, this season’s crop of must-haves are anything but boring. Update your traditional fall coat with this year’s bevy of style changes, including wider arms, belted waists and larger shoulders. A funky pattern in a neutral color will also help give the coat style without looking like you just walked out of the circus tent.

Fabulous Belts

Belts are not just for holding pants up anymore! In fact, belts are very hot this season and women are practically belting anything — literally! Use a wide, funky belt cinched around a jacket or trench coat for an edgy look, or grab a skinny belt to tuck around a tunic or shell top.

Either way you look at it, belts are back in a big way and every woman looks good with a belt!


Guess what? The wrap dress is totally hot this Fall, and it’s a style that looks good on almost any woman — seriously! I love wrap dresses for their versatility and ease at which they hide problem areas while accentuating positive attributes, as well.

Choose a wrap dress in a deep maroon or purple shade, or go neutral with black (always a favorite!) or gray.

These are just a few ways you can rock the fall fashion trends this year. Even if you can’t wear all of the latest and greatest crop of fashion and accessories, learn what’s hot and make those trends work for you.

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