How to Make Him Miss You

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Whether it is a casual dating, a serious relationship, a long distance one or if it is the marriage you are considering, love has always been a crazy subject. Especially when you are the girl, it tends to be different as you are the one who is all over the place as guys are better known to keep their cool. That’s right, our ladies lose their temper easily, brush their yelling skills now and then and are unable to understand that their cribbing and regular bickering is making things tough and hard to handle. Of course, you can either let things flow as it is going right now or act against the grain and make your guy run after you without making much effort.

  1. Have A life of your own

Girls as soon as they begin dating tend to make their boyfriend, the sun around whom they revolve and rotate like the Earth. It is him to whom they want to go after every time they are free but hey ladies, if you are wishing to make things flow in your direction, all you need to do is chill out and have a social life of your own. This might ease things up and at the same time make you control your drive effortlessly.

  1. Never make him a priority

We don’t mean this technically. No matter if it is the birthday or the Valentine’s, give him the gift of love with unique Valentine gift for husband or boyfriend and pamper him the way he should be. However, in this process don’t just stop loving yourself and never stop giving yourself the time and the space you used to enjoy when he wasn’t a part of your life.

  1. Don’t Rush things

It is a common tendency among girls to think a lot and later make things hard and tough for themselves as well as for the partner. Going on a date and later talking about marriage at night is not what you should do. Even if you think about it, make sure you don’t put yourself on the road so that he can walk over you easily. In fact, lightning speed decisions often scare guys and they lose interest easily.

  1. Stay Optimistic

Guys like positive girls. Make sure you don’t fall in the trap of negativity and create chaos every now, rather be the chilled out girl with whom he fell in love with. Positivity will surely make your guy flat out mad about you.

  1. Let him take the initiative

Never be impatient! No matter how excited you are or how badly you want to take the first step, let your guy take the first step and make things happen for you too. This will showcase his real emotions too.

  1. Be someone he’ll miss

Be the perfect girl he fell in love in the first place and try to maintain the cool and the temper as if ever apart, your guy will miss you and think a lot about you before moving forward in his life easily.

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