How To Make Hair Transplants More Affordable

Experiencing hair loss at any age can be a stressful time and understanding the reasons for this to happen is vital in choosing the right treatment. From over the counter treatments to specialist hair loss procedures, finding what works for your level of hair loss will go a long way to getting the results you desire. In many cases, the only way to find permanent results is to have a hair transplant, but for some people, the costs of this can prove to be an obstacle. Here, we look at ways you can make a hair transplant more affordable and still get natural-looking results.

Choose Trusted Clinics Overseas

Thanks to the popularity of medical tourism over the last few years, travelling out of the UK to undergo cosmetic treatment has continued to welcome many patients. Those looking for hair loss solutions have found exceptional results with a hair transplant in Turkey, travelling to its capital of Istanbul for specialist treatment. In Turkey alone, 750,000 health tourists travel there each year to undergo hair transplants, cosmetic surgery, and dental aesthetics to name a few. What makes this an affordable option is the overall costs, as the procedure in the UK alone can cost much more, even after flights and accommodation are taken into account. Whilst costing much less, the quality standards are still very high with all procedures performed by skilled, professional surgeons. When choosing a destination and clinic to undergo a hair transplant, always ensure you choose a facility that provides transparency with the procedure and that you are happy with the potential results advised after consultation.

Explore Finance Options

If the costs involved are beyond your current savings, finance options to help spread the costs are one way to make a hair transplant more affordable. Looking for low-interest options, which some facilities can offer, can alleviate the financial burden of paying the total in full straight away. If the company providing hair transplants cannot offer a finance option, seek out a low-cost personal loan or 0% interest-free credit card to do this instead. If you are looking at finance options, make sure that this will be affordable to maintain repayments on before applying to ensure no future issues with payment.

The Number of Grafts Needed

One of the main reasons a hair transplant can become expensive depends on the level of hair loss experienced. The more hair grafts required, the longer the transplant will take, even when undergoing a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure. Due to this, the cost of the hair transplant will rise in relation to the number of grafts, so if you have a smaller area of hair loss to address, this will cost much less than a full head of hair. During a consultation with a clinic, they will be able to tell you exactly how many grafts are required for the results you need. From there, you will have a clearer picture of the total cost of treatment. Any treatment decision will come down to how good the donor area is, so the exact cost of your hair transplant will differ from someone else.

The best way to make a hair transplant more affordable is to fully explore your options first. As it is a long-term investment that will drastically change your appearance, you do not want to jump into any decision too quickly. Research and compare and hopefully your eventual hair transplant will come at a reasonable cost whilst providing the perfect results.

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