How to Make a Successful Study Strategy For Healthy Lifestyle

How long we live is depended on our lifestyle. There are some behaviors that tend to reduce our lifespan and others that give us a chance to live for as long as possible. What you eat and how you live have a great impact on your health. Below are some of the main contributors to a healthier lifestyle:



Nutrition is basically the food we eat. The diet you take will determine how long you are to live. With a good diet, your body gets all the nutrients it requires. Nutrients are the substances in the food we eat that are essential for the growth and development, and maintenance of the body. A good diet is one that has all nutrients that are required by the body. In kids, nutrition plays a major role in well being of the kid. Kids who aren’t given well-balanced food suffer from diet-related diseases such as Anemia due to the lack of iron, Goiter due to the lack of iodine, Scurvy caused by lack of Vitamin C, Beriberi caused by lack of Vitamin B1, Rickets caused by lack of vitamin D, Loss of vision caused by lack of Vitamin A and weak bones caused by lack of calcium.

Still on nutrition when we take poor diets the body reacts in a negative way. Intake of cholesterol may result to heart-related diseases that are life-threatening. It may also lead to obesity.

It is also recommended to eat whole foods instead of processed foods. Whole foods offer your body healthy and balanced nutrients. If available consider eating organic foods. Organic foods do not have pesticide residuals and other drugs applied to the plants. These residuals and additives may be harmful to your body. To live a healthy life one must eat responsibly

2. Sleep


Sleeping not only relaxes your mind but it also has several health benefits. Good sleep leads to low blood pressure and boosts the immune system of your body making it strong to fight infections. Studies have shown that people who sleep for less than six hours a day are at a higher risk of getting a stroke. Sleeping for fewer hours also affects the brain functioning which might result in poor decision making and loss of memory. To be healthy you should sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day. Children should be allowed to sleep for 9 to 11 hours. Avoid skipping to sleep as this can be life-threatening especially if you are driving or doing other tasks that need concentration.

3. Exercise


Lack of regular body exercises gradually reduces your lifespan. There are many health benefits one gets from having regular body exercises. Body exercise not only keeps you fit but also reduces the risk of getting chronic diseases. Try going to the gym about three to five days in a week. Workouts make your body feel relaxed and active. Have your educational essays written by writers with help pay for research papers. People who exercise regularly aren’t likely to have heart-related disorders. Regular exercise does not mean going to the gym every day, there are many exercises apart from weightlifting, you can walk, play football, ride a bicycle and other recreational activities.

4.Wear protective clothes

wear protective clothes

When working In areas where your body gets exposed to anything that is harmful remember to wear protective clothing. If you are working outdoor wearing sunscreens helps keep your eyes healthy. Protective cloths help protect your body from getting into conditions that may be hard to treat.

5. Good hygiene

good hygiene

Your health is determined by your importance of hygiene. Taking shower daily helps prevent diseases such as Scabies. Brushing your teeth prevents gum diseases and bad breath. Wash your hands before taking meals, before and after treating open wounds and after using a toilet. Also, make sure you are living in a clean environment to avoid diseases related to dirt such as cholera. Store your food in a clean and safe place where it cannot get contaminated. Hygiene not only keeps you healthy but also acceptable to people near you as no one wants to be associated with people who are not clean and neat.

6. Drug and substance abuse

Drug abuse has more drawbacks than advantages and you should, therefore, avoid it. Smoking is associated with several health risks associated with drug abuse like cancer, liver, addiction and heart diseases. Alcohol is associated with liver cirrhosis. Drug abuse may also lead to sexually transmitted diseases since your mind isn’t functioning as supposed you may fail to use condoms when having sex. It is also via drug abuse many people have been poisoned.

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