How to Make a Statement With Your Wallet


Wallets are a mainstay in every fashion statement. They’re usually ignored, but experienced fashion trendsetters know that they are vital for a complete ensemble.

The vice president of professional image development at Chase Manhattan, Lauren Solomon said that wallets are not a statement until you take them out when people are watching. If your image is important, then your wallet must be elegant and just as classy as you are.

How to Make a Statement With Your Wallet

1. Dress up and dress down with your wallet

Just like all fashion accessories, you should have different wallets for different occasions. You need a Kinzd wallet for casual wear and one for classy and formal occasions.

If you have to pick up the check and have friends or colleagues around, your wallet should make a statement. This is why it shouldn’t look like a hand-me-down EDC. Instead, it should be made of high-quality material.

Avoid heavy and thick wallet materials and instead, go for sleek and elegant detailing.

2. Choose a slim wallet

Slim wallets are preferable to bulky wallets. Your wallet should be minimalist in design like a bi-fold. It should not be bigger than your fist and should be about a 1/2 inch thick.

A slim wallet is simple in design, and yet speaks volumes about your style. It will easily go anywhere with you and will fit in your jeans or jacket pocket.

It’s a good idea to try it out when you’re buying just to be sure it’ll feel right in your pocket. There’s nothing worse than sitting on an oversized wallet.

3. Be fashionable with your choice

Always choose a wallet that will complement your style. Remember, this is an accessory that you will carry around with you every day.

Many people overlook this essential feature of a regular carry wallet. But, imagine how you’ll look in public if you whip out a Velcro wallet when you want to pay the bills.

If you’re wearing a suit, you should choose a black leather wallet, and if you’re in casual wear such as jeans, a brown wallet will do. Keep style in mind when you pick a wallet. Remember the purpose of this accessory is not only for its functionality but also aesthetic.

4. Take fewer items in your wallet

If modern wallets look too slim to you, that’s because you are carrying too many items with you. All you need to take with you are 3 things: your ID card, your bank card, and cash.

You don’t have to carry around every single item you own in your wallet. Only the essentials are needed. What you should do is empty out your wallet right now and start afresh.

Keep cards in a separate compartment and store your business cards in a card holder. You want to look like an executive and organize your wallet like a backpacker.


Your wallet is an extension of your style. Imagine being caught with your pants down and underneath you’re wearing a pair of dirty boxers or one with childish prints of your favorite childhood superheroes. The same thing applies to your wallet. Make sure you can bring it out anywhere with confidence.

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