How to Love Your Job

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If you find getting out of bed and going to work each day a chore, there are things you can do to change this. You don’t have to be ecstatic to head to the office, but you can learn how to love your job again — or at least like it significantly more than you currently do!

In order to be a more productive employee, you need to have some level of job satisfaction. Maintaining a positive attitude about your job can help, and the following tips will also enable you to feel better about your current working situation.


Regardless of the type of job you hold, you can start learning to enjoy work again by setting goals for yourself. What would you like to achieve by the end of the week? What about the end of the month or year? Try setting up doable goals for yourself and your career in order to motivate you to do more with your job, thereby increasing job satisfaction when you know you’ve accomplished something you’ve worked hard for.


It’s easy to forgo socializing in the office when you have so much work to do, but never underestimate the power of something as simple as a smile or friendly hello. While it’s important to network with other colleagues and people in positions you aspire to attain one day, it’s equally important to be friendly to other coworkers.

Get your name out there (and yourself!) and people will remember you (favorably, we hope!). This can help not only in decreasing the monotony of your day, but can actually have positive professional ramifications as well. You never know when you might be headed for a promotion or raise because of another colleague vouching for you!

Be Vocal

If you spot an area that could be improved, don’t be afraid to speak up! Your boss will undoubtedly love your initiative and appreciate the fact that you want the company to be the best it can be. What’s more, if your company needs some improvement and you suggest a few ideas that are actually implemented, you’ll be a lot happier knowing your company is looking out for the best interests of their employees as well as themselves.

When it Just Doesn’t Work Anymore…

Eventually, you might come to a point where none of the previous suggestions (or anything else you try) allows you to love your job again. If this happens, you might genuinely need a change of venue, but before you take the leap into another career it’s important to determine whether you’re really in need of a career change or are simply in a funk.

While you may eventually need a change of pace, there are certain things you can do now to make your job more enjoyable. By implementing some of the suggestions mentioned above and maintaining a positive attitude, you can make work something likable again, instead of a chore you wish you could get out of.

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