How To Lose Weight Using Diet and Exercise?

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You may have heard about various fast weight loss pills to drop your extra weight, in few weeks. The reality is that most of these pills actually don’t work. The pills and drugs that actually lose weight have severe side effects on your body. The vital organs of your body like liver, heart, lungs and kidneys are damaged by the use of these fast weight loss pills. That is why almost all physicians don’t recommend the use of pills and drugs to lose weight fast. Then what is the safe and effective way to lose your weight?

Regular Exercise is Essential To Lose Weight.

The best and safe way to lose weight is by taking proper diet and regular exercise. You must spare about 30 minutes or more, everyday, to do some exercise or weight training. Even doing walk of about 30 minutes will work in the start. The exercise and walk will increase the metabolism rate of your body that will result in losing your extra fat and weight. There are many specific exercises to lose weight from your specific body parts like abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, shoulders and chest. By doing these specific exercises you will lose extra weight in lesser time. But in order to do these exercises properly it is recommended to read some exercise guide or talk to an instructor.

Take Care of Your Diet For Proper Weight Loss.

Just doing the regular exercise will not help you in losing weight if you will not care about your diet. First of all you must know that fat rich food is not good for you. You must avoid the snacks as they will further increase your weight. Also you should only take your food 3 times a day and not more. Taking breakfast and dinner is essential for your health and taking light lunch is helpful.

Role of Fiber Food in Weight Loss.

If you want to lose weight using your diet, then you must know about fiber food. Fiber food is the plant based food that cannot be digested by our digestive system. This food does not contain any nutrition and contain no calories. All fruits and vegetables are good source of fiber food. There are many advantages of taking fiber food. First of all by taking fiber food, you feel full earlier and fiber food stays in your stomach for a longer period of time. This helps you to take lesser food and lesser calories. It simply means that you don’t need to skip your meals in order to take lesser calories.

Fiber also absorbs water that helps in retention of more water in stomach that is good for your digestive system.
Another good property of fiber food is that it binds extra fat, with itself, that results in lesser absorption of fat into the body. This is really very helpful to reduce the fat deposition in your body.

You should increase the intake the fiber food, gradually. In the start you should take at least one serving of fiber food every day. After one week you can increase the intake by making it two servings per day and so on.

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