How To Lose Weight Playing Games

The fact that losing weight can be a tough task cannot be denied. But if you enjoy playing games and aim to shed some pounds, then you have got your weight loss plan sorted. Be it team or individual sporting activities, you will easily find the game that helps you lose weight effectively. A point to note here is that there are some sporting activities that help you burn more body fat than others. If you are wondering how to lose weight playing games, then all you need to do is dedicate at least half an hour every day to playing games. You can either spend this time at a stretch or break it up in small segments. 


Playing Games Can Be Fun & Effective At The Same Time: 

Popular Olympic skeleton racer from the US, Katie Uhlaender, holds the opinion that the most effective way to embrace exercise as a part of your daily life in an exciting way is by engaging in your favorite sporting activities. Opting for sports instead of workout is really more productive, says Katie. Not only do you get to stay active but you also get the chance to create a lifestyle that makes you feel alive, healthy and engaged. You need to open up to endless possibilities- surfing, skiing, swimming, triathlons, etc. There are infinite ways to step out and get active to learn various new things in this life. 

The concept for how to lose weight playing games is quite simple, but most people are afraid of embracing this idea. We would rather hit the gym regularly and spend our time in weight training simply because we have been told that it is exactly what we are supposed to be doing to lose weight. Think carefully; what is the whole point of spending hours at the gym if you are not going to enjoy yourself? The end result is that you will dread heading for the gym every single time because you don’t have any fun out there. It is high time you change the way you think! You get to lose weight and have fun simultaneously when you choose to play games instead of opting for rigorous, boring workout sessions.

Games That Will Help You Lose Weight:

Those games that help you lose maximum weight are the ones that burn a lot of calories within a short time span. You can only lose weight if you are able to burn some more calories than that you consume. You can achieve this goal through exercise and diet. The equation is simple- 3500 calories add up to make one pound of fat, and you will need to burn this same amount to lose a pound of your body weight. Cutting down on your calorie intake is a good option, but opting for exercise in the form of games can help you burn way more calories, depending on your level of aerobic activity and vigor. Here are some games that you can opt for effective weight loss:


You will be amazed to know that spending a single day playing gold can help you burn a good number of calories, especially if you pull your clubs and walk. For those that weight 130 lbs,

you can lose as much as 267 calories, and if your weight is somewhere near 180 lbs, you can lose as much as 369 calories (these calculations are “The Compendium of Physical Activities Tracking Guide” based). However, if you need some time to get adjusted to all the active walking, you can opt for a golf push cart to help you get started. You can watch video review here

Ice Skating:

An adult weighing 155 lbs can burn as much as 950 calories every hour if he/she runs at 8 miles/hour. In winter, you can opt for skiing and ice skating to burn a good number of calories. However, you need to choose the right pair of skates before you step into the ice rink. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that jumping rope and rollerblading (brisk pace) are other physical activities that can help you burn calories in winter. 

Final Words: 

These are not the only game options for you; you can also engage in fast-paced sporting activities for effective fat burning like basketball, tennis, football and soccer –all of which burn over 599 calories every hour (for a 130-pound weighing individual). Competitive rowing and boxing burns as much as 844 calories every hour for an individual weighing 155-pound adult. Slow-moving games like kickball, baseball, softball and volleyball can also burn calories at a slower but efficient rate. So, find out what game interests you and encourage your family and friends to play along with you!

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