How to Lose Weight Fast Without Pills or Surgery

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Some people believe that weight loss is easier and faster if done with weight loss pills and surgery. However, along with these weight loss shortcuts come certain health risks. Diet pills, for example, have a long history of both recorded and unrecorded deaths. One of the most popular stories is the death of Baltimore Orioles pitcher, Steve Bechler. To avoid the risks associated with these quick fix techniques, you simply need to avoid considering the idea. This article will give you some ideas on how to lose weight fast without pills or surgery.

1 – Do cardio exercises

Most people back off when they hear/read the word “exercise”. As much as you hate it, it’s the only and most effective way to lose weight. And among all the types of exercises there is, cardio workouts are the ones that will help your burn more calories faster. This is because, workouts like stationary bikes and elliptical trainers require a lot of energy to do. The more energy you utilize in doing a certain workout, the more your body works to burn fat in order to be able to supply your body with the required energy.

2 – Resistance training

Resistance training can help you develop and tone the muscles. Having well-defined muscles do not only looks better, but it can also help you shed pounds faster by boosting your metabolism. Muscles burn more calories than fat does; this also means that when your natural calorie-burning activity speeds up, you lose weight faster.

Excellent resistance training exercises are weight lifting, kettlebells, and resistance bands. When doing resistance training, do remember to take periods of rests to relax your muscles and do the exercise on both limbs to ensure even muscle formation. For example, you lift a five-kilogram dumbbell using your left arm; do the same with your right arm.

3 – Alternate exercises

Do not engage into a standard exercise routine. You may have a routine like 10 minutes warm-up + 30 minutes cardio + 3 cycles of resistance training + 10 minutes cool down but the types of exercises you do everyday should not be the same because your body tends to adopt and get used to the exercise causing a less effective weight loss. If you wish to do cardio exercises daily, you may do treadmills on Monday, stationary bikes on Tuesday, and elliptical trainers on Wednesday, and so on.

Changing the type of exercises you do will also avoid boredom. This results to a higher chance that you will finish your weight loss program and continue living a healthy lifestyle throughout.

Guest post by Chris. Chris writes regularly on how to lose weight fast using natural methods and techniques. Fast weight loss is feasible only if you are willing to work hard and be committed to your goals.

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