How To Look Your Best When Attending a Wedding

Attending a wedding is not just like any other party. There are hundreds of guests, photographers capturing every moment of the day, and memories made for years to come. You want to dress to impress, but the event and date’s venue can all be factors that affect the outfit choice. It is also important to retain a comfort level in your style choices, as you may find yourself dancing all night with friends and family.

Here are some tips for looking your best when attending a wedding.



When it comes to looking your best at a big event like a wedding, a few accessories can go a long way. Jewelry is a great way to compliment your outfit and have all other guests ogling you. Whether it is a destination wedding, at a church, or outside, adding a few statement pieces to your outfit is an easy way to dress up or down your look instantly. Try a pair of earrings or a necklace that match your dress. Choose from a range of styles, from diamonds and pearls to silver and gold pieces; there is something to pair with any look. It is important not to go overboard with the amount of jewelry and overwhelm your outfit. Choose minimalistic accessories that will act as embellishments to your dress; stay away from distracting rings or layered necklaces.

Find the Best Fit


It is important to find the perfect outfit that is both comfortable and stylish for the wedding day. First, to narrow down your outfit choices, find out the details of the big day; where it is located, if it is inside or outside, the theme, the weather, etc. All are vital factors in deciding the best style for the event. You want to find the best dress that fits your unique style and body type. You can also find out if there is a certain dress code for the wedding. Especially if you are part of the bridal party, you may be running around on the big day trying to assist the bride and make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

This can mean a lot of sweat and wear and tear to your dress, and when the inevitable happens, it’s good to be prepared for any stains you may acquire. Have a tide stick handy or a mini sewing kit for both you and any other guests at the wedding that may suffer from a wardrobe malfunction. Prepare yourself by researching things to know about wedding dress cleaning and be ready for anything that may happen; you will be the bride’s savior on her big day. A wedding day is one of the few events that you invest in a nice dress, and you want to preserve it for years to come to wear to other events. In case you discover rips or discoloration to the dress the next day, don’t stress; you can easily utilize the services of a professional cleaner. Make sure you find a cleaner specializing in dress preservation for gowns, ensuring that even the most delicate fabric looks good as new.

Pamper Yourself


There will most likely be a photographer capturing every moment of the ceremony and reception on the wedding day. These are memories that all the guests and the couple will look back on for years to come and share with all their friends and family. Ensure that you are looking your best by treating yourself to spa treatments the day before. Some services you can indulge in are a spray tan to get that glowing look or a manicure and pedicure. You can also hire a professional makeup and hairstylist that can execute the perfect look to compliment your outfit.

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