How to Look Good on a Budget

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While the majority of women don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on clothing and beauty products, we can look good on a budget — no matter how small that budget may be.

The trick to looking great without spending an arm and a leg is to know what works for you. Additionally, there are a few other tips that can help you look gorgeous (and your wallet will thank you!)

1. Trends are Fun, but Costly

If you are constantly running out to snap up the latest fashion or beauty trend, take a step back and breathe! While trends can be fun, that doesn’t mean you should automatically rush out and buy them. Take into consideration how new trends are likely to flatter you (if they are at all, that is!), and instead focus on buying a few key pieces of clothing that never go out of style.

Buying the latest trends can get expensive quickly, especially if you end up never using them. Besides, it’s better to work on your individual style than attempt to look like a fashion clone of someone else.

2. Shop Sales

Sales are great ways to scoop up clothing for a lot less than you’d normally pay for it. However, be practical; look for clothing that’s versatile, flattering and something you’ll actually wear. If you buy 5 outfits on sale and three of them never see the light of day, you’re not budgeting wisely.

However, if you scope out the sales when you actually need something, you’ll be able to pick up some great fashion for a lot less than the retail price. Be frugal!

3. Be a Makeup Maven

While it can be fun to experiment with different makeup, you want to focus on basic products that will help you look great without spending too much money. Foundation, concealer, mascara, blush and lipstick are essentially all you need to look fabulous.

If you’re really into DIY, you can even consider making your own cosmetics. If you are the type of woman who spends hundreds of dollars on cosmetics every few months, it may be more economical to make a few of your own (and you’ll still look fab!)

4. Thrift Stores are Your Friend

Yes, thrift stores get a bad rap — but you can score awesome deals on gently-used fashion if you take the time to look. These stores are always getting new items in, so every week will be guaranteed to have new products that weren’t available the week before.

While thrift stores are inexpensive, use the same rule when shopping here as mentioned for sale shopping above — just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Look for clothing that’s in good condition and that you’re likely to wear frequently, and don’t be afraid to barter with the cashier to get a lower price if there’s even the slightest flaw in the garment.

5. Confidence Works

Honestly, the most important quality that will guarantee your looking fabulous is confidence. If you have confidence in yourself, a positive attitude and a smile that is the absolute best thing you can do for your looks. What’s more, it doesn’t cost a dime!

There are many ways you can look good on a budget, and these are some of my favorites. If you simply wear what flatters you, shop sales and discount stores, and have a confident attitude, you’ll turn heads wherever you go!

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