How to Know if You are Eligible for an Egg Freezing Procedure


Having the privilege to go for egg freezing in Encino at California Center for Reproductive Health can be a fruitful and life-changing decision for any woman who wants to delay pregnancy until they are ready. In the past, the procedure was a second chance reserved for women undergoing cancer treatments. Currently, it is also applicable to women looking to pursue their careers or who have not found a lifetime partner to start a family. If you consider this option, you may be wondering what it involves and if you are a candidate for it.

Who qualifies for egg freezing?

Egg freezing success rate depends on your age, current health, and hormone levels.  However, exceptional cases might also warrant your egg freezing chances. They include:

  1.     You have been diagnosed with cancer or any other condition that may interfere with your fertility rate

Cancerous growths and conditions such as chronic endometriosis can threaten your fertility. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy can freeze cancer cells, interfering with your reproductive organs over time. If you want to undergo the treatment, find out from your reproductive specialist if egg freezing is a viable option to secure your future.

  1.     You are delaying pregnancy to secure your academic or career growth

In a world where both men and women are working towards advancing in studies and career growth, juggling between motherhood and being a career woman can be daunting. You want to promote your intellectual development so that you can secure a better future for your future children. If you will delay your pregnancy until you have reached your peak in your career, the best thing to do is freeze your eggs until you are ready.

  1.     You still do not have a lifetime partner

Due to the rise in divorce rates due to irreconcilable differences and conflicts of interests, more women turn to egg freezing to prevent such cases. Children are the biggest losers when it comes to divorce, which explains why many families are considered dysfunctional. If you are still in the dating field or have not found a lifetime partner, it would be best to go for egg freezing. That gives you the power to decide when to have a baby and with whom.

  1.     Your family has a medical history of early menopause

Some women may experience menopausal symptoms as early as 35 years due to their family medical history. If your doctor discovers that you are likely to get early menopause, you may be a perfect candidate for egg freezing. Before your gynecologist freezes your egg, they will first assess your family’s medical history, current age, and health to determine if your egg freezing chance will be fruitful.

Are you ready to see an egg freezing specialist?

Going for egg freezing does not mean you are not interested in having a baby. Instead, it offers you the chance to pursue other life goals that can compromise your motherhood experience. To find out if you are the perfect candidate for egg freezing, organize an online consultation with a fertility expert today.

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