How to Improve the Appearance of a Smile?

Modern society has brought with it advancements in technology across all areas. Of course, this includes dentistry. In the past, dentistry would have been considered important for necessary dental corrections, and over time, this has evolved in such a way that cosmetic changes to the teeth are possible. Of course, cosmetic dentistry treatments can also have functional benefits, but for the most part, they are deemed to be undergone by choice. Veneers are one such treatment.

Veneers are slim, custom-made shells that are designed to cover the front surface of the teeth (they can also be used for a singular tooth), improving their appearance. Veneers can be made from composite resin or porcelain and are bonded to the teeth using a dental adhesive. Veneers can treat a range of cosmetic issues, including chipped, cracked, or discoloured teeth.

General process of getting veneers

The process of having veneers fitted often involves several steps. First, the dentist Soho will examine the patient’s teeth to determine whether veneers are the right treatment option. If veneers are recommended, the dentist will prepare the teeth for the veneers by removing a small amount of enamel from the front surface of the teeth; this is necessary to ensure the veneers fit well and look as natural as possible.

Next, a dental impression of the teeth will be taken by the dental practitioner, which may then be used to create the tailor-made veneers. Following this, the porcelain veneers will most commonly be fabricated in a dental laboratory, which can take several days to complete. Whilst awaiting their long-term veneers, the patient may find that they are given temporary veneers to wear.

Once the final veneers are ready, these will be bonded to the surface of the teeth using a dental adhesive. The veneers will be carefully adjusted to promote the best possible fit, and the patient should be able to go on with their day, veneers intact. The dental practitioner may give specific advice on caring for the veneers to help extend their durability.

Issues veneers can treat

Veneers can treat a variety of cosmetic issues, including discoloured teeth. Veneers can cover teeth that are discoloured or stained, giving patients the option of having a brighter and more youthful-looking smile. They can also cover chipped or cracked teeth, restoring their appearance and helping to prevent further damage. In addition to this, veneers can hide teeth that may be slightly misaligned, giving patients a straighter and more even smile.

Additional cosmetic benefits

Veneers are a popular cosmetic dental treatment that can greatly improve the appearance of the patient’s teeth, in turn helping to promote a rise in self-esteem. The process of getting veneers is considered reasonably simple and can be completed within just a couple of visits to the dental practice. Veneers offer a range of cosmetic benefits, including the improved appearance of a patient’s smile, long-lasting results when they are properly looked after, and minimal preparation. Patients who have experienced staining and discolouration can use veneers to cover this and brighten their teeth, giving them another reason to smile.

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