How to Improve Breast Health Naturally (6 Things to Keep in Mind)

how to improve breast health naturally

What do pink ribbons stand for? Breast cancer awareness, right? But it’s not always to prevent breast cancer that you should know how to improve breast health naturally. Honestly, you don’t really need such a strong reason to look after your body. How about adopting a healthy lifestyle? For both mental and physical health benefits anyway!

But if breast cancer is the primary driving force here, then that’s okay too. The end result, after all, is a pair of healthy breasts. And the fact that you’re trying to make better decisions suggests a simple truth. That you’re prioritizing your health to avoid a problem before it might even strike.

So how about getting to know the best natural breast health tips?

How to Improve Breast Health Naturally

  1. Diet

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Your diet plays a major role when it comes to the health of your body. And it’s no different with breasts. Many unwanted chemicals are present in high amounts within the unhealthy breast tissue. Chemicals such as parabens and aluminum, among many others! And a diet that includes healthy home-prepared foods reduces such chemical exposure. To a great extent that too!

When you incorporate a whole-food diet, it also helps in keeping away estrogen-replicating compounds. Mainly found in food additives, soy products, and canned drinks and foods. Along with food packaging!

You might be quite shocked to know this. That many water treatment plants/companies fail to remove such harmful compounds. So the chances are you’re drinking this water daily. Estrogen-like compounds are present in the water supply at an alarming rate. This is nothing but an outcome of hormonal contraceptives. Or factory farm runoffs!

Diet-wise, focus more on foods with higher content of antioxidants. They lower the risks associated with breast problems. A proper diet is the best answer to how to improve breast health naturally.

  1. Supplements and Herbs

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Simple question; what are the best vitamins for breast health? The answer is vitamin D. And here’s proof of that.

Over 300,000 breast cancer cases can be prevented. By increasing the intake of life-saving Vitamin D! But when I say Vitamin D, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Sun exposure, correct? Sunlight encourages the development of this vitamin in your skin. However, not everybody receives enough sun exposure. This is what lowers the level of Vitamin D.

With that in mind, it’s highly advisable to indulge in a little bit of safe, moderate sunbathing. Combine that with a diet that increases Vitamin D even further. And you’re doing everything in your power to keep your breasts and skin in good health.

The next best supplement is one that contains Omega-3. This particular fatty acid has been a part of breast problem solutions for a very long time. When you have a higher level of Omega-3 in your system, your chances of metastasis incidence reduce by 500%. In comparison to women who consume the lowest amounts of Omega-3.

Here’s the deal about Omega-3 though. It helps in reducing the risk in many ways. The most important one is to minimize the negative effects of estrogen-mimicking compounds. Along with decreasing inflammation!

Another supplement excellent for boosting breast health is Curcumin. This is nothing but a powerful antioxidant. In the form of turmeric extract! You can even consume curcumin as a capsule. Or simply use turmeric as an ingredient in your home-cooked meals. Turmeric tea is also quite effective. No wonder curcumin ranks as one of the most effective breath health supplements!

Studies related to breast health and iodine levels are also promising. Iodine is often used to promote thyroid function. So it’s only logical to assume that it helps in balancing the hormones to a drastic extent.

  1. Antiperspirants and Deodorants

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Wait for a second; does this sound right? A lot of research shows that chemicals present in antiperspirants and deodorants are linked to breast problems. There’s even a study that indicates the connection between aluminum and cancerous tissue in the breasts. When the concentration of aluminum is higher in this area, it might have to be surgically removed.

Deodorants contain aluminum to prevent your skin from sweating. But this particular metal has the ability to trigger cancer formation in animals. However, it’s highly questionable if the same can be said about humans.

There are many deodorants that also include estrogen-mimicking elements and parabens. And as you already realize, both these compounds have a huge negative impact on breast health.

But you might find relief in knowing that there are natural deodorant options as well. These don’t house any of the harmful chemicals. The only problem here is that you have to prepare them at home. So here’s a homemade natural deodorant recipe.

  1. Clothing

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For well-endowed women, there’s the best bra for large breasts lift. Generally speaking, the best bras for breast health come in all shapes and sizes. But do they actually make a difference? When it comes to reducing risks associated with breast cancer and cysts? The answer is controversial.

Here’s the theory though. Wearing an ill-fitted or too tight bra daily means restricting lymph flow. It impedes the ability of your body to eliminate toxins from the breast area. Most of the lymph liquid that flows from your chest drains into your lymph nodes in the armpit. And the rest of the fluid drains into the nodes present along with your breastbone. At such times, tight clothing or bras tend to impede this flow.

So what is it that influences the level of lymphatic drainage blockage? The tightness of the bra and the number of hours you wear it. This is how wearing a wrong bra contributes to the formation of breast issues. The trapped toxic chemicals demand release.

The 1995 book “Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras” written by Sydney Ross Singer Dressed and Soma Grismaijer, that explains the connection between bras and breast cancer. In it, the authors explain the following statistics:

  • Women who choose to wear bras all day, every day are most likely to develop breast cancer. Three out of four women that is!
  • Women who choose to wear bras for over half a day are less likely to develop breast cancer. One out of seven women.
  • Women who wear bras for less than half a day are even more unlikely. 1 in every 52 women.
  • As for wearing bras rarely, it’s 1 in every 168 women. The least likely!

Here’s another study relevant to the topic at hand. It states that wearing a bra or girdle lowers your melatonin levels. As much as 60 percent! Melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep cycles and anti-cancer functions. It’s a potent antioxidant that prevents DNA damage. Along with binding to the T-helper cells! Moreover, melatonin is highly used to prevent and treat breast cancer in many women.

So this particular bra topic is surprisingly controversial. If you ask for my opinion, here’s what I would like to say. Wearing an ill-fitted or too tight bra has more negative effects than positive. If you have small breasts, then you can consider ditching bras altogether. But in the case of DDs, it’s just not possible.

  1. Hormones

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It goes without saying. Contraceptives, HRT, and other such procedures affect breast health. After all, they contain excess estrogen-replicating compounds. That change your hormone levels in an unnatural manner.

Avoiding chemicals in the environment, food, toiletries etc. is something you already do. But some of these chemicals are present in large amounts in hormonal contraceptives. You can see it right there on the pill’s package.

But this doesn’t mean there aren’t other methods of controlling hormones. One good example is Sympto-Thermal. This natural option works toward achieving, spacing, and delaying pregnancy. It doesn’t alter the way your hormones respond naturally. But the method has the ability to identify your hormone imbalances quite effectively.

  1. Exercise

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How to improve breast health naturally? How to keep healthy breast? The answer is right here! Exercise as often as you can. Keeping your weight in check decreases the risk of many diseases/illnesses in the body. Including breast cancer, other cancers, as well as mental disorders!

But I’m more concerned with breast health here. In that case, what exercising does is increase lymph flow. And blood circulation of course! When that happens, all the unwanted toxins get eliminated.

Physical workout also encourages the proper production and function of hormones. Optimal production combined with optimal function helps in balancing your estrogens levels.

So don’t think twice before heading out for a light jog or walk. Even bouncing on a rebounder or trampoline is a great idea. It stimulates lymph activity. Then there’s weight training, pilates, and stretching too.

Just keep in mind that exercise offers tons of physical and mental health benefits. So you have everything to gain here, nothing to lose!

The End

So no more wondering how to improve breast health naturally! The answer to that question is scattered all over in this post. And you don’t even need to worry about authenticity. Since I made it a point to back my research with credible sources! And lots of them that too!

If you have any helpful advice to offer about how to improve breast health naturally, please do so. I don’t see why you shouldn’t. Your honest feedback and thoughts are also welcome.

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